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Nigeria insecurity is getting louder, vibrant youths are needed to calm it down – Kogi Deputy Governor

By Gbenga Nicholas

The Deputy Governor of Kogi State, Edward Onoja has disclosed that the insecurity in the country is getting louder and vibrant youths are needed to calm down the situation.

Onoja represented the Executive Governor of Kogi State during the 6th Anniversary Lecture/Niger Delta Awards Organised by Gbaramatu Voice Newspaper held in Lagos on Tuesday, where he Unveiled GbaramatuVoice resource centre for Niger Delta studies and media institute.

Speaking with some South South political leaders after the event, Onoja noted that young people do not only have the potential but also have the courage to take new ideas to big realities.

“It is very clear that from editor to the members of the management of GbaramatuVoice are young people. It goes to confirm and re-emphasize the fact that young people do not only have the potentials but also the courage to take new ideas to big realities.”

“They see us as touts because everybody around us are young people with or no political background.

“A glimpse at Kogi of prior to 2016 and Kogi State under Governor Bello should be enough statement to all and sundry. Kogi State was the Kidnap/Robbery Capital of Nigeria but as at today, it ranks as one of Nigeria’s safest. If a man who were to be off the age and weak was saddled with the responsibility of Kogi State since 2016, would he have been able to match such magnitude of crime with such fierceness and headlong approach? No is the answer!
Same Youthful Governor instituted the Unification Project as much as intending to leave the State more prosperous. What Nigeria so desire today is Security, Unification & Posperity (SUP) all of which this Youthful personage – Yahaya Bello has made happen in Kogi State. Ensuring all these phenomenal impact in a broader spectrum will be easier by an experienced youthful hand as you all know. Bello is Key and most fundamental force to reckon with by Youths and Nigerians home and in diaspora”.

“Our fathers will not go and rest. It’s natural but as wise youths we can put them to rest whilst sapping from their advises and positive experiences. Old age is not a curse but Nigeria and Nigerians are ready to bask in the reality of a NEW NIGERIA deserving jet developments and progress.

What God made happen for Kogi State through the instrumentality of Governor Yahaya Bello and team is possible and can be scaled up to the entire Nation of Nigeria. It won’t just happen except we rise up to work it out like Kogi youths did in 2015. It’s up to all of us”, he added.

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