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Niger Delta set to partner with Oxytane Africa to reduce air pollution, fuel consumption

Niger Delta leaders and stake holders are set to partner with Oxytane Africa Investments Limited to forge a synergy that will help reduce consumption of fuel and reduce air pollution that is killing over 68,000 Nigerians every year.

Oxytane Africa Investments Limited, a global brand currently present in 27 countries is an affiliate of Oxytane International and AMJ INC, USA. It provides effective and sustainable solutions to the problem of emissions and fuel economy in internal combustion engines thereby enabling others to be better planetary stewards.

President Bola Tinubu announced the removal of fuel subsidies during his inauguration in May, 2023.

The removal of the fuel subsidy was supposed to aid the economy, after a short period of pain. But for the urban poor who live balanced on thin margins, it is having a deep effect, turning life into a battle for survival that could lead to poverty for millions.

The price of petrol moved from ₦194 ($0.25) to over ₦600 ($0.76). This has had far-reaching, knock on effects that have shocked the economy.

The federal government announced short-term palliative plans to cushion the effects of the subsidy removal on citizens and businesses. N5 billion was approved for each state and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to enable them to procure food items for distribution to the poor in their respective states.

However, High Chief Mike Loyibo, the traditional Prime Minister of Tuomo Kingdom, Delta state, disclosed that the money federal government approved for palliative can be properly used to reduce consumption of everything.

The Niger Delta Prominent Chief who spoke during Oxytane Africa Investments Limited’s inaugural staff induction and seminar in Abuja on Friday, asserted that Niger Deltans are willing to be in partnership with the Oxytane, because the costs of diesel, petrol and everything are jacking up.

He noted that environmental problem started from Niger Delta and Oxytane is not just controlling consumption petrol or diesel but also fighting pollution, and the Niger Delta is most affected.

He said; “It has never been anywhere before, we are happy and grateful to a visioneer Ambassador, Hon. Tamarankro Obriki who has brought this closer to us.

“For us in Niger Delta, we are willing to be part of this, because the costs of diesel, the costs of petrol, everything is jacking up and we are so tense. So if there is Oxytane, something that prevents consumption up to 50 to 60%, what are we waiting for? It’s the best brand.

“In another way, this is actually helping government and fighting poverty, and we’re excited and happy. We are taking oxytane to every state in the Niger Delta, so that the government can buy into it and the people can also buy into it.

“Everybody are complaining of subsidy remover, jacking up of price for petrol, the reducer brand has come now to address our pain. So for me, even federal government should be able to key into the Oxytane, so that the palliative that they give people money can be properly used to reduce consumption of everything.

“The environmental problem is from Niger Delta and Oxytane is not just controlling consumption of petrol or diesel but also fighting pollution, and the Niger Delta is most affected. Look at the what pollution has caused with Ogoni cleaning up and all that.

“As a prominent leader from the Niger Delta, prominently and also a converted ambassador of the brand, it’s left for us as leaders to be able to educate and express to the people the benefits of this brand.

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