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Niger Delta: Philanthropist tasks community on unity of purpose

…as Ayakoromo youths visit, extol his virtues on birthday

By Tare Clement

The former Vice chairman of Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State, Hon. Prince Sunday Feke has stressed that there is need for unity of purpose amongst the People of Ayakoromo community, as it is the only way for rapid development for the Communities.

Hon. Feke, the Chief Executive Officer of Dabski Dredging and Construction (W/A) Limited, made the assertion at his residence in Ekpan, Delta State when Some Youths of the Ayakoromo Community led by Comrade Asiayei Enaibo and Anthony Demebide visited to celebrate his birthday with him. The youths expressed satisfaction on his leadership style as a business man-cum-politician.

According to the youths the politician has been able to touch lives, mostly the elderly in the community, especially in the area of the provisions providing for the needy and his flair for Community development which they explained is worthy of appreciation.

They offered prayers to God to bless him with long life and wisdom to do more.

The former Vice Chairman who was visibly elated by the initiative of his community youths on the occasion of his birthday promised to do more for the community.

He said; “Today is my birthday, but I have never celebrated my birthday before. Although, I was hoping for a good time to do so as a man from Ayakoromo in NGBILEBIRI kingdom, there are actions to be taken by us to obtain good development. Thus, If we live as one we will have more development, if we put our heads together as a community, have collective sense of purpose, definitely our communities will achieve meaningful development.

“In other words, as we commit our connections and widespread friendships across, those things that we achieve those things we lack and plan accordingly”.

He added that there is poverty, and hunger in the land and that leaders of the community need to come together and plan for the future of the people.

“Be it political, economic, and religious leaders, we all have roles to play in the development process of Ayakoromo community. Just like it is always said;” charity begins at home”.

“Human capital and infrastructural development are the major ingredients of development we need to commit to respective of our different political, economic and religious dispositions.

“We can through our various connections help to change the narrative of Ayakoromo Community.

“We are blessed with leaders and as leaders our role is to put a smile on the faces of our people.Therefore, we cannot pretend not to be unaware of the hunger, lack of employment of the youths, sexual abuses, lack of farming implements and fishing materials.

He pleaded; “Please let’s come together to improve on our various aspect of underdevelopment by aiming to build a better society” he stated.

Still speaking on the development of the community, Hon. Fake explained that; “Before now, we have Ayakoromo Urban Warri branch where we plan on how we can move our Community forward, it was a very formidable group”.

He added that all hands must be on deck for the groups to succeed.

He spoke further; “we should be humble because division is killing our collective dreams.

“Its time for Ayakoromo Warri Urban to come together again and make plans progressively. The truth is, we can’t just fold our hands this 2021, the time is now, and we the sons and daughters of the community should plan in unity”.

There was an explosion of joy when the philanthropist, heaped praises on the Ayakoromo Community Youths in Diaspora for their one-day youth summit.

He said that it was a step in the right direction.

“All my regards goes to the organizers, Comrade Miens Brialade and his team. I hope you won’t be weary because unity is the key to drive home peace and development”. he said.

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