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Niger Delta Affairs Minister Expresses Concern Over Infrastructure Crisis in South-South Region

The Minister of Niger Delta Development, Engr. Abubakar Momoh, has voiced deep concerns regarding the deteriorating state of roads in the Niger Delta Region, categorizing them as an urgent emergency that demands immediate intervention.

Engr. Momoh articulated these concerns during a recent courtesy visit to his office in Abuja by members of the Akoko Edo Elites, led by RT. Hon. Peter Ohiozojeh Akpatason, former Deputy Leader of the House of Representatives and the current Hon. Member Representing Akoko Edo Federal Constituency.

In his address, the Minister highlighted the challenges faced by the south-south region in terms of infrastructure. He remarked, “The condition of the roads is not only a matter of emergency, but it has reached such a critical level that inter-state travel has become nearly impossible, rendering the region seemingly forgotten.”

Responding to the delegation’s request for the government to address the accessibility issues in Akoko Edo and the broader region, Engr. Momoh, who is also a former member of the House of Representatives, explained that proposals related to infrastructure often return disjointed, causing delays in project execution.

Nonetheless, he assured the delegation that when the Ministry becomes fully operational, it will seek the support of House of Representatives members and other stakeholders in the region to tackle the pressing infrastructure concerns in the Niger Delta Region.

In his remarks, Hon. Peter Akpatason, leader of the Akoko Edo Elites delegation, congratulated Minister Abubakar Momoh on his appointment. He also highlighted specific road projects that are of significant concern to the people of Akoko Edo and urged the Minister to persist in his efforts to prioritize and address the region’s road infrastructure issues.

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