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Neglected and in ruins: The cry for help from Ogbe-Ijoh Grammar School in Delta

Neglected and in ruins: The cry for help from Ogbe-Ijoh Grammar School in Delta

The Sorry State of Ogbe-Ijoh Grammar School

Ogbe-Ijoh Grammar School, situated in Ogbe-Ijoh, the headquarters of Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State, stands as a symbol of the stark challenges that plague educational institutions in Delta state. In this investigative report, we delve into the deplorable conditions that both students and teachers at this school have endured for years.

Chronic Neglect

Despite being an institution of learning meant to nurture young minds, Ogbe-Ijoh Grammar School has faced years of neglect and underinvestment. GbaramatuVoice has received numerous complaints regarding the dire circumstances afflicting this school, prompting our investigative team to visit and assess the situation firsthand.

The entrance of Ogbe-Ijoh Grammar School, Ogbe-Ijoh, Delta state.

A Grim Picture: Infrastructure

During our visit, it was evident that the school’s infrastructure was in a sorry state. Many of the school buildings were in dire need of renovation, with doors and windows in disrepair. Furthermore, the classrooms lacked proper seating, boards, and other essential learning materials. The laboratories, including the biology and physics labs, suffered from a lack of essential equipment and materials. The library had similarly been abandoned due to inadequate resources.

Security Concerns

Another pressing issue that plagues Ogbe-Ijoh Grammar School is the lack of adequate security. The school entrance lacked a proper gate, making it vulnerable to intruders. Security personnel present at the school were reported to be elderly and potentially ill-equipped to handle security matters effectively.

Dilapidated Infrastructure

It was disheartening to find that the school’s infrastructure had deteriorated significantly over the years. Reports suggest that a previous government’s renovation efforts resulted in the removal of quality materials and their replacement with substandard alternatives. The result of this negligence is evident in the dilapidated state of the buildings and the inadequate facilities.

Inside one of the classrooms of Ogbe-Ijoh Grammar School.

Educational Resources

The school also lacks the basic educational resources required for effective teaching and learning. There is a severe shortage of classroom furniture, including chairs and desks. Boards, books, and other teaching aids are in short supply. Students and teachers alike have been left to navigate this challenging learning environment.

Donation from a politician

Despite these challenges, the school has been fortunate to receive some assistance from Rt. Hon. Emomotimi Guwor, the current speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly and the member representing the local government. He donated some science laboratory equipment, catering lab equipment, chairs, desks, and other items to the school.

Inside one of the classrooms

Challenges Highlighted by School Management

One of the senior teachers pointed out various critical needs of the school. These include the provision of potable water, equipment for printing examination materials, staff boats, machinery for clearing bushes, and solar power solutions. He also highlighted the adverse impact of the community’s crisis, which has led to students dropping out to avoid becoming victims of the unrest.

Frustration in Seeking Assistance

Despite their efforts to draw attention to these challenges, the school management expressed frustration over their inability to get a meaningful response from relevant authorities. They emphasized the urgent need for additional teachers, particularly a mathematics teacher, to address the current educational gaps.

Students’ Perspectives

Student representatives echoed the sentiments of the school management, emphasizing the critical shortage of teachers and its impact on their education. They also expressed concerns about the ongoing crisis in the community, which disrupts their studies.

View of the school buildings


The deplorable state of Ogbe-Ijoh Grammar School serves as a stark representation of the broader educational challenges confronting riverine areas in Delta State. GbaramatuVoice strongly urges both the Delta State Government and the Warri South West Local Government to take immediate and proactive measures to address this issue.

Intervention is urgently needed from both local and state governments, as well as individuals with the means to make a difference. It is paramount to rescue this institution from its current state of disrepair.

The students and teachers of Ogbe-Ijoh Grammar School deserve a better learning environment. It is the responsibility of the relevant authorities to provide the essential support and resources to ensure that they have access to a high-quality education in a safe and conducive setting.

By Faith Madogwe, Loveth Ojogun & Chairman Ojumiri

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