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My new album will take the world by surprise – Beetasha

Lagos-based Nigerian female artiste Blessing Enyamuke popularly known as Beetasha, and founder of Delta Pikin Initiative and the BeeInspired Foundation, is one artiste to watch out for. In this interview with GbamramatuVoice, she speaks on her journey into the music industry. She also talked about her formative age, albums, along with challenges she witnessed on her path to stardom. Excerpt

Tell us about yourself

My Name is Blessing Erhuvwu Enyamuke also known as Beetasha. I am a native of Urhobo, Oviore-Ovu in Ethiope East Local Government Area Delta State. I am the founder of Delta Pikin Initiative and the BeeInspired Foundation.
I graduated from Delta State University, Abraka with B.A Linguistics.


Growing up

I grew up from a family of seven, four girls, a brother plus mum and dad. I had one of the most memorable experiences growing up, because we were privileged to be the first to own some certain things like toys, coloured television, cable, and we travelled often back then which was a big deal for the other kids around who lived with us in the same neighbourhood.

I am from a family that believes God is the ultimate. I grew up in a home were staying indoors was the best way of training a child. We were taught to be respectful, obedient, contented, prayerful, patient, cheerful and peaceful. My mother was a Teacher, a disciplinary, and a very strict woman. I can remember vividly how she would come home from school with cains to flog us whenever we misbehave as she would fondly say.
She gave us her 100 per cent, all the love and care any parent could give. My siblings were also very awesome and they played a major role in my formative age. My elder brother was the one who always flogged us when my mother was not around, and he would tell us to smile after doing that. We all had so much fun together, and we stuck by each other. I wasn’t vocal as a Child, I was introverted, timid and shy but I loved dancing and singing.

So far so good, the way I was raised shaped me to who I am today and I can boast that my childhood memories are still the best ones.

How has the journey been thus far?

So far, God has been awesome to me, and its been a learning curve for me and also an unending experience. The journey hasnt been all rosy, I have made some terrible mistakes, I have also been in difficult situations that I was left stranded, I have even at some point questioned God, about
my purpose and my existence but hope, faith and the zeal to finish this journey with applauds, fullfillment and accolades is what keeps me going.

I believe so much in my dream and aspirations I have because I am a fighter, and I see only possibilities and I know that very soon, things will get better.


How has your journey in the Music Industry been like?

The journey thus far has been very challenging, nerve-racking, amongst others. This is due to the fact that I was a novice with little or no experience in the industry. It is always very difficult when you know nothing and nobody in an industry. Sometimes, people will not take you seriously even when you are doing what you know in your best capacity.

Funds also is a major challenge for me. As at then, I was still in university studying and I was doing music at the same time. I remember how I would split my allowances so I could record songs but it is still not enough, there were times I could not afford to pay for a song I record and the producer would opt to seize my music for about three months before I could raise funds to pay him back. There was also a period I was battling lack of confidence. It was a bigger challenge than finance. I remember how I froze on stage in a talent show because someone was making a silly face at me and I literally stopped singing. I also remember many times when I was on stage performing and I was very scared whether people would like what I was doing and it was very obvious, but so far so good, it has been experienced that I was opportune to learn from.

What do you think about the cliché that female artistes in Nigeria are not doing enough to help each other?

Well, I will not want to say it is a Cliché because to me it is actually true. I really do not know why female Musicians are not coming together to make music or do things together? My submission to this statement is looking forward to a time where things can actually change and more females would want to work together.

Do you have projects your fans could look up for?

Yes of course. I have been working on a project since last year titled “Love and other songz” which would be debuting very soon. I am very excited because so much work and effort have been put into this project and I cannot wait to share it with my fans.

It is one of its kind project that I believe will shake the music and entertainment industry and force a lot of female musicians to sit up because a new queen has come to take the throne. I am also looking at realising some singles sometimes along the year, and other work of art I would be putting out.

Challenges of being a female artiste

Well, there will always be challenges as far as the music industry is concerned. But for me, lack of adequate finance to push my music in other to make it reach out to more audience was a major challenge. I have been doing this on my own for a long while with little or no finance, and it has slowed the process. To succeed in the music industry you need a huge capital to be able to breakthrough. There are also situations where it is hard to see any investor because they feel the female life span is limited, and they would rather invest in a male artist. The industry is also ‘very crazy’ because right now nepotism and who you know are what is working, so for a fast rising star it’s something almost very difficult to break through except God’s Intervention, money and the right people.

Tell us about your new album

Well, I would have to keep that a secret, but one thing for sure is that the music is going to take the world by surprise. My team and I have inputted so much in the past six months with sleepless nights, so when I say my new album will take the world by surprise, I mean every word I say.

What do you have to say to your fans?

My fans are my Army, and they are called the #BeeArmy. I really want to appreciate them so much for sticking and staying true to supporting the Beetasha Brand. I appreciate them so much for constantly supporting, streaming and downloading my songs and videos, for every time I say there is something online they rush out with excitement to get it. Every bit of support I get from them means the heavens to me and I want to use this medium to say, thank you again. I want to connect with you all, follow me @iambeetasha let’s connect and interact.

What is your advise to younger women who want to go into music

First, “GOD”. I believe who so ever puts God first in whatever he/she does will surely succeed. Second, “It is very possible” your dreams are possible only if you stay true, consistent, determined and focused. And lastly, “Until it happens, do not give up.”

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