My experience as an IT student with GbaramatuVoice – By Loveth Ojogun

Miss Loveth Ojogun, a student of the Department of Mass Communication, School of Business Studies, Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro on Industrial Training.

Coming to the GbaramatuVoice Newspaper for my compulsory Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) popularly called Industrial Training has been more revealing than expected.

Obviously speaking, my intention was to come and fulfill my academic requirements as I had no interest in developing a career in journalism.

But one week into my training at GbaramatuVoice, all those thoughts have become a thing of the past as I have been refined as well as exposed to the beauty of journalism. Hence, I can safely say that I am a proud Journalist, courtesy of the GbaramatuVoice management.

I say this based on the unquantifiable experience I have acquired within this space. This experience has visibly reflected on my writing and reporting skills. I have been drilled by the GbaramatuVoice management in the following areas; conventional, investigative and interpretative reporting.

Before now, I have only read all these in books. But coming to GbaramatuVoice, the management got me exposed to the pragmatic aspect of journalism. I can now apply the 5W and H in an advanced manner.

In the same manner, I have been tutored in these areas of interviewing techniques which were before now news to me. I have mastered this so well that I can now independently conduct profiled interviews independently.

Again, one striking feature of GbaramatuVoice as a corporate organization is that they have a great way of encouraging people to learn without being hostile. The publisher, in particular, is both humble and humane that he sees everybody as a colleague.

As I prepare to go back to school to continue my academic pursuit, I am convinced that the remaining part of this academic journey will be a walkover as GbaramatuVoice has made me a Journalist even before graduation.

I will remain ever grateful to the wonderful family of GbaramatuVoice Newspaper for the employment opportunity offered me. 

Again, I say many thanks to the management of GbaramatuVoice for this wonderful opportunity.

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