Most expensive countries in the world for a haircut revealed -Nigeria is the cheapest

Nigeria is one of the countries that charges very low for male hair cuts around the world, a report has revealed.

With as low as $1.83 you can have a fantastic hair cut in Nigeria. In Zambia, which appears last on the list, you can have your hair cut for $1.65 only.

Norway tops the list as the most expensive country for males to have their hair cut with the sum of $64.60 per cut.

Here are the current prices of men’s haircuts globally in Dollars.

Norway: $64.60
Japan: $56.00
Denmark: $48.21
Sweden: $46.13
Australia: $46.00
USA: $44.00
Switzerland: $42.96
France: $37.05
South Korea: $36.94
England: $35.74
Germany: $35.39
Austria: $35.06
Finland: $31.03
Ireland: $26.90
Czechia: $25.69
Canada: $24.28
Poland: $23.54
Portugal: $23.40
Italy: $23.21
Spain: $21.68
Saudi Arabia: $20.34
South Africa: $18.27
Russia: $16.66
Chile: $16.41
Greece: $14.79
Belarus: $14.52
Hungary: $13.92
Kazakhstan: $11.71
Ukraine: $11.10
Colombia: $10.65
Mexico: $9.66
Vietnam: $8.98
Brazil: $8.67
Algeria: $5.96
India: $5.29
Pakistan: $4.44
Argentina: $3.15
Nigeria: $1.83
Zambia: $1.65

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