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More pressure groups step up lobbying for Goodluck Jonathan to join 2023 presidential race

More pressure groups have stepped up their lobbying for former President Goodluck Jonathan to join the Presidential race.

The group, under the auspices of the Coalition of Nigerian Professionals in Politics (CNPP) said it joined in the agitation for Jonathan’s Presidency because of the antecedents of the former President.

According to them, the calls are well acknowledged by those who love the country and its continual well-being.

Addressing a press briefing Wednesday in Abuja, a leader of the coalition, Dr. Ibrahim Baba, said Jonathan has, in practical terms, shown that in theory and practice, he was a well-honed democrat even more as a result of his numerous national and international democratic missions in and out of office.

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Baba stressed that a critical look at the field right now shows that among those who have indicated interest to run for the office of President, there is none better qualified than Jonathan as a democrat to carry on the progressive journey.

He noted that its clarion call on Jonathan is premised on the fact that we need a leader who can consolidate on the successes so far recorded in the nation’s democratic journey.

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