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By David Owei

The Fiyewei (Spokesman) of Gbaramatu Kingdom, Chief Godpower Gbenekama, has sent a Save Our Soul message to the Federal Government as well as the Delta State governor- Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, over the activities of some overzealous security men in his area.

Speaking on Sunday January 20, 2019, he frowned at a situation where the military has decided to cause unnecessary panic and fear among the peace loving Gbaramatu people who have been co-existing peacefully with their neighbours.

Chief Gbenekama disclosed that apart from military gun boats positioned at Oporoza, there are military helicopters hovering around the area, adding that the military is allegedly planning to attack Gbaramatu kingdom again as they have done before bombarding the area.

He appealed to the governor who is also the chief security officer of the state to intervene and call the military to order so that they should not  carry out their evil act against Gbaramatu people.

He stated further that they are living peacefully with their neighbours, no pipeline vandalism in the area and that the Pere of Gbaramatu Kingdom, Oboro 2 has been receiving and giving his royal prayers to politicians coming to campaign in his domain irrespective of political parties and  tribe and wondered why the military has decided to create tension in that part of the Niger Delta.

The Gbaramatu spokesman also said: ” Asked we approach the February 16 and March 2, 2019 elections, the military should not cause mayhem to people of Gbaramatu as they have chosen to negotiate their demands with the Federal Government peacefully, despite the poor development of the area and poor funding of the Nigeria Maritime University, NMU which is entering its second academic session at its temporary site at Kurutie, Gbaramatu.

“They should also remember that elections will come and go. They should not use our  people’s lives to play politics and the politicians should put a stop to using inflammatory statements to cause mayhem in our communities in the Niger Delta region.”

He also advised youths in the Niger Delta region and most importantly the Ijaw youths to be careful at this electoral period “because the Federal Government is setting up a satellite over all their movements in the creeks. 

“If the military wants to prove to the government  and tax payers in Nigeria that they are working, Gbaramatu kingdom and indeed, the Niger delta should not be the place to show-off. Nobody in Gbaramatu has anything to contend with the military, hence we are law abiding and peaceful. As far as I am concerned nobody or group of persons in Gbaramatu kingdom is contending with the Nigerian Government or the Nigerian army.

“Those contending with the Nigerian army are in the North, and not we defenceless civilians.This kind of show of force and intimidation is needed more in the North where Boko Haram is killing, maiming and kidnapping  defenceless citizens. We are law abiding, peaceful and accommodating in Gbaramatu kingdom. Why this intimidation which is heating up the polity? As I speak many people can not sleep in their houses now because of fear of a repeat of what happened in 2016 and 2017 where oporoza was raided by the military which led to the killing of many citizens of Gbaramatu kingdom.

“The Federal Government should, as a matter of urgency, call the military to order. Dr Okowa should ensure that he does not allow the military to heat up the polity in his state  which has enjoyed relative peace in recent times,” he concluded.

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