Lighting the Path to Education in Delta: How EBF Brightened the Future of Students in Ogulagha kingdom

Lighting the Path to Education in Delta: How EBF Brightened the Future of Students in Ogulagha kingdom

Ernest Bebenimebo Foundation (EBF) has once again kindled the flame of education and opportunity. On the 12th of October, the foundation executed the second phase of its “Street 2 School Legacy Project 2023” in Sokebolou communities, nestled within the oil-rich Ogulagha Kingdom in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State. The project aimed to provide essential school supplies to students, including notebooks, writing materials, and school bags.

This initiative not only brought smiles to the faces of the students but also showcased the positive impact that dedicated individuals and organizations can have on educational development in underprivileged communities.

The founder of EBF, Deacon Ernest Bebenimibo, distributing bags to pupils of Fikese Primary School, Sokebolou community

Communities Eagerly Welcome EBF’s Contribution

The people of Sokebolou and Yokiri communities warmly received the Ernest Bebenimebo Foundation, demonstrating their appreciation for the organization’s unwavering commitment to education. The community chairman, Mr. Believe Royal Anumu, along with Mr. Obi Alfred, Vice Chairman of Yokiri Community, Comrade Peter Leleituwade, the Youth President, and respected Chiefs and Elders of the communities, extended a special welcome to the EBF team.

The Foundation’s reach extended to three schools in Sokebolou Community: Fikesei Primary School, Sokebolou Community Secondary School, and Yokri Community Primary School.

Gratitude from Schools and Communities

Key figures from the schools, including Mr. Brakora Gha Amos, Head Teacher of Fikesei Primary School; Mr. Efeludu Samson Evughe, Principal of Sokebolou Secondary School; and Mr. Engi Study, Head Teacher of Yokiri Primary School, joined their teaching staff to welcome the Ernest Bebenimebor Foundation.

The impact of the project was evident in the generous distribution of school supplies. Over 50 school bags and 500 notebooks, alongside writing materials, were provided to students at Fikesei Primary School. Junior Secondary School students in Sokebolou Community received 739 notebooks and writing materials, while 870 notebooks and writing materials were allocated to Senior Secondary School students. Students at Yokri Community Primary School were not left out, with 350 notebooks, 40 school bags, and writing materials.

Expressing Gratitude and a Plea for Further Support

The Chairman of Sokebolou Community, Mr. Believe Royal Anumu, took the opportunity to express heartfelt gratitude to the Ernest Bebenimebo Foundation. He commended the organization for the significant and unprecedented support it extended to the community, emphasizing the positive impact on local students. Mr. Believe Royal Anumu extended his thanks to the supporters and appealed to the community to convey their appreciation to Sir Godfrey Tare Pondi for his continued support.

Members of EBF team distributing books to pupils of Yokri Primary School, Yokri.

Founder’s Perspective on the Initiative

Deacon Ernest Bebenimebo, the President of the Ernest Bebenimebor Foundation (EBF), reflected on the project’s success. He stated that the second phase of the “Street 2 School Legacy Project 2023” successfully reached about 800 to 900 pupils and students in Sokebolou communities. He highlighted the dedication of his team leaders, volunteer workers, and the positive role of supporters, particularly Sir Godfrey Tare Pondi.

This initiative underscores the essential role that dedicated individuals and organizations can play in enhancing education, particularly in underserved communities. The Ernest Bebenimebo Foundation’s contribution has not only brightened the educational prospects of Niger Delta students but also inspired hope and gratitude among the communities it serves. It serves as a testament to the positive impact that collaborative efforts can have in promoting access to quality education.

By Chairman Ojumiri & Ebi Uroju

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