Letter to Clark @ 93 by Otuaro

My Distinguished Elder Statesman, Father and Leader, Senator Chief Dr Edwin K. Clark, OFR, CON: As I prepare to join Deltans and millions of admirers tomorrow, May 25, to say “Happy 93rd Birthday!”, my heart wells up with admiration at your inspiring commitment to education as your legacy/torch for the people’s liberation and unity of the nation.

Your establishment of Edwin Clark University, Kiagbodo, Nigeria, which raises the banner of the vision higher for us to clearly discern, is not a latter day twist but a connect to a lifelong passion. Indeed, from dutiful school teacher churning out countless honourable men and women, through legal career in defence of the oppressed, to impactful national service as State Commissioner, Minister and Senator of the Federal Republic, the records show you lifting up education as key to liberation and uniting the nation towards equity, peace and progress!

Congratulations Sir, on the attainment of this notable age! May Almighty God grant you increased years and wisdom to serve, and fulfil your desires.

Sir, do enjoy a GLORIOUS BIRTHDAY!!!

Deacon Kingsley Burutu Otuaro, Esq, FSPSP
Deputy Governor of Delta State.

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