It’s ‘Name Yourself Day’

Is there any name you have always wanted to bear? You have less than 24 hours to do that.


It is Name Yourself Day.

This means that you can choose whatever name you want as a form of self-expression.

Names are a major form of identity that is mostly given when a baby is born or in extreme cases of lost identity. Some of these names have spiritual connotations. People are also of the belief that a man is his name.

In African societies like Nigeria, names are often times guided by the naming trend. For instance, an English name such as Augusta was trendy in the early 20th century, Kingsley late 20s. Today, names like Jasmine, Vanessa and Michael have taken over in the 21st century.

As some of these children get older, they begin to seek for their preferred names. People who belong to orthodox religious denominations hurriedly attend confirmation classes while the majority visits newspaper houses to apply for change of name.

As a fun activity, this day has been marked as a day to change your name just because. However, this will last for 24 hours. To make it more fun, get a tag with the words,

“Hello, My Name Is ______” boldly written on it.

So is it Ebi, Ejiro, Tosan, Tamarapreye or Piniki?

Remember, your new name starts now.

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