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Isaba Kingdom Appoints Chief Ekpenzu, Regent 

The entire people of the Isaba Kingdom, which comprises of the Traditional Council of Chiefs of the kingdom, leaders, women leaders and youths leaders of kingdom, had unanimously consented to the appointment of High Chief John Ibowei Ekpenzu JP, as the Regent of Isaba Kingdom.

This was contained in an announcement made by Chief Julius Takeme, the Esama of Isaba kingdom and Chief Igbongha Francis, on behalf of the Traditional Council of Chiefs of Isaba kingdom, the body saddled with the responsibilities of chieftaincy affairs in the kingdom.

In this capacity, High Chief John Ibowei Ekpenzu JP, is to pilot the day to day affairs of Isaba kingdom, until another king is installed.

High Chief John I. B. Ekpenzu (JP) is the Iyasere, (Prime Minister) of Isaba kingdom and the Chairman, Isaba Traditional Council of Chiefs.

He had on January 13, 2018, in conjunction with the royal family, the Isaba Traditional Council of Chiefs and the Amaokosuowei (oldest man) of Isaba kingdom in accordance to the laid down customs and traditions of Isaba people, announced the demise of the late Pere of Isaba Kingdom, His Imperial Majesty, Donokoromo ll.

His period as the Regent is a story gap measure to prevent having a vacuum in leadership in the kingdom, until an acceptable Pere is enthroned.


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