Isaac Adaka Boro: What enemies of Niger Delta region do not want the people to know

Isaac Adaka Boro: What enemies of Niger Delta region do not want the people to know

By GbaramatuVoice Editorial Board

A few days ago, the Ijaw nation at both home and abroad and of course the entire Niger Delta region celebrated 55th day of Isaac Jasper Boro, an iconic Ijaw freedom fighter who was born to a Kaiama family in present day Bayelsa State of Nigeria, in 1938 and died in mysterious circumstances on May 16, 1968 while fighting to unite Nigeria.

GbaramatuVoice had, as part of the celebration reported that Boro, a onetime chemistry undergraduate and the president of the students’ union of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, a police officer, was the first to declare a republic within the country. It was called the Niger Delta Republic that lasted for 12 days. This was   shortly after the Jan. 1966 coup and the attempt was aimed at liberating the Niger Delta people from the socio-economic oppression by the then eastern regional government.

Following this attempt, he was subsequently arrested and detained at Ikoyi prison by the Aguiyi Ronsi led Federal Government.
This was the only information that is being passed across by some sections of the media by the enemies of Ijaw nation and Niger delta region. Every other good work of this illustrious son of Ijaw was deliberately suppressed by the enemies of the region and never told to the world.

Take as an illustration: GbramatuVoice investigation reveals that Isaac Jasper Boro, did more to have the nation Nigeria united than scuttle its existence.

The facts are there.

One, during the Nigeria civil war, the Federal Government came to a sudden realization that Isaac Boro and his River men of ‘Sea School Boys’ had become an important factor in the operations of the Federal troops to gain prominence and combat the ravaging Biafran rebels in the Niger Delta region of the country and that is the present day south south geopolitical zone.

To achieve this objective and harness their knowledge of the riverine areas, their understanding of the local languages, their ability to live off the land,  Isaac Boro who was jailed by the Maj. Gen. Aguiyi-Ironsi government on recommendation by the supreme court of Nigeria was pardoned by Lt. Col. Yakubu Gowon’s government and later commissioned by the Nigerian Army as an officer to help liberate southern territories under Biafran control.

[INTERVIEW] Bozimo, Ex-Police Affairs minister narrates encounter with Isaac Boro as Ijaw nation celebrates the late freedom fighter

He recruited Rivers men who volunteered to serve under him and gave them brief training at Escravos. His group was then attached to the 3 Marine Commando Divisions (then 3 Marine) under the command of Col. Benjamin Adekunle. It was also reported that the 3 Marines were not making progress at the time, until Boro and his men joined them. GbaramatuVoice also learnt that the collaborative efforts of Boro with the Federal Military accounted for the success in areas around Opobo, Andoni, Obodo, Opolom, Oranga, Buguma, etc.

A similar report also observed that before the arrival of Boro and his men, the morale of the Nigerian soldiers at 3 Marine Commando Division was at its lowest ebb. Desertion and absence from duty without leave was rife in the Division. The despondence and general lack of will to fight in the soldiers was glaringly manifest in the large number of cases of self-inflicted injuries throughout the formation”
Boro and his men prevented the Biafran soldiers access to the sea in ways that disconnected them from the wider world- a state of affairs that led to their easy and early surrender.

In view of this great contribution, the newspaper considers it an injustice that Isaac Jasper Boro was neither honored, immortalized or the cause of his death investigated by the Federal Government.

If Nigerians that have contributed far less in unity and national development could be honoured by successive administrations in the country, GbaramatuVoice is calling on the Federal Government to honour this great soul that assisted more in keeping Nigeria from disintegration.

Without doubt, the Bayelsa state Government declaration of Adaka Boro day , as well as naming a major road and tertiary institution in the state  after him amply qualifies as right step taken in the right direction.

However, the newspaper believes that the state can do more. The newspaper also calls on other states in the region as well as the Federal and to do so.

The truth is that if Gideon Okar, an indigene of Benue who led the 1990 coup d’etat could be recently honoured by Samuel Ortom, the Benue state Governor, the newspaper will not envisage any factor stopping Niger Delta region from honoring and immortalizing Adaka Boro.

Again, as argued elsewhere, ‘there is enough reason for the government of Bayelsa and the legislators from Bayelsa to get the appropriate federal institution to do a fresh investigation to establish the true situation that led to his death. All related documents captured in the course of the investigation will become useful for further research by interested persons in future.’ GbaramatuVoice aligns its opinion with the above argument.

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