INSECURITY: Ijaw youths raise alarm over rising cases of kidnapping in Bayelsa

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INSECURITY: Ijaw youths raise alarm over rising cases of kidnapping in Bayelsa

The apex youth body of the Nine Niger Delta States, the Ijaw Youths Council (IYC) Worldwide, has expressed concern over the rising cases of kidnapping and other violent crimes in the state.

The youth group said despite the efforts of the present administration of Governor Douye Diri to provide logistic support to security agencies the spate of criminal activities has increased uncontrollably recently.

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The National Spokesman of the IYC, Comrade Ebilade Ekerefe in a media interactive session with newsmen in Yenagoa, on Thursday, accused the heads of security agencies in the state of not doing enough to stem the rising and worrisome trends in kidnapping, high profile killings and violent crimes in the state.

He asserted that instead of arresting perpetrators and prosecuting them, the crime kept rising without a security counter plan despite the huge investment in security of the state by the present administration of Gov. Douye Diri.

Ekerefe noted that though the security agencies are working but they are not doing enough to stem the worrisome tide, ”the question we are asking is that despite the huge resources by Gov. Diri to security agencies in the state, we are not getting value for money. There is available evidence that the morale of the rank and file are very low. The top echelon of the security agencies are not doing enough to motivate their men in taking their jobs seriously. Nobody in the state is happy about the high trend of kidnapping and criminality in the state.”

According to the IYC scribe, though the Bayelsa State Government have in the last two years provide over Fifty patrol vehicles, Financial support and rejig security architecture of the State to accommodate grassroots policing and support security agencies in the state, the morals of the rank and file of the security agencies seems low and lacking necessary motivation from their bosses.

“As Ijaw Youths council, we find it difficult to believe that the security agencies are not doing their jobs effectively. People come into the state and kidnap with impunity and nobody has been arrested. Nobody has been made to pay for the crimes they have committed and it has made the criminals to be emboldened to do more with affront. The Borders of the state are porous and security operatives seems not interested in searching and querying what goes into the state and come out’

He however pointed out that the worrisome trends has made the security of lives and property everyone’s business,” the Bayelsa Government has provided the needed support but what now stops the security agencies from carrying out their legitimate duty? The security agencies in Bayelsa should sit up as people are dying and they seek justice and those alive seek protection. People are being kidnapped at will and nobody knows where these violent activities will take us.”

He also announced that the Ijaw Youths in all the clans and communities in the state have been placed on red alert to gather and provide intelligence to security agencies in order to stop the worrisome security trend,” there must be collaboration between the security agencies, Ijaw Youths, Traditional heads, community leadership and other stakeholders to nip in the bud the worrisome security situation, “it is not when there is security crisis, they run to the Governor with more memos and approvals. These agencies must do their works effectively/”

“As we are going into another round of elections and if we don’t speak out, some political elements that don’t mean well for the peace in the state could capitalize on it. There should be no sacred cow in fighting crime and criminality. It is not a crime for the people of Bayelsa to live peacefully. The State security agency, Operation Door Akpor, should also rise up to the occasion and boost the morale of rank and files. Instead of addressing the worrisome crime, they are going after petty issues that can be resolved by the dispute and conflict resolution desks. We want to believe that the efforts of Gov. Douye Diri is not being undermined by some fifth columnists. Enough is enough.”

“We call on the Governor and Government of the state to summon a security summit to address these issues. Traditional Rulers and Youth Presidents involved in activities that condoned criminality should be exposed and heads of security agencies not using the huge funds being approved by the Government for intelligence and motivation of rank and file should also be exposed. Logistics approved to security agencies are meant for security matters not private pockets. The Patrol vehicles handed to security agencies are not for personal use but for security. These vehicles are not visible in the state.”

Comrade Ekerefe also took a swipe at Ijaw Youths for not doing enough to assist security agencies to arrest those involved in crime and criminality, “The security situation in the state is taking an alarming level. You are a youth and you said you want jobs but you are condoning insecurity, how do you get jobs when investors cannot come into the state. You are a youth and an indigene of the state and you got wind of the plan to kidnap someone and you kept quiet, you are also a criminal if you don’t tell the security agencies. This is not what an ijaw man is known for and it is very sad.”


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