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The Gbaramatu Voice Newspaper was established in the year 2014 as at today has undergone all the processes and procedures of a conventional Newspaper as it has obtained its ISSN number with the National Library at Abuja.

The newspaper like every other one is founded with the sole objective of adhering to the principle and ethics of the journalistic profession and to contribute its quota in the building of our democracy through objective, balanced, authoritative and truthful reporting.

This newspaper is not serving the interest of any individual or group as it is a medium free from interference of any group or person. We report the news the way it is.

The paper has its hard copy as a monthly publication while running a 24hours online platform covering news from different areas across the Country, it has published over eight (8) monthly publications so far.

We are also aware that the name “Gbaramatu Voice Newspaper ” may connote different meaning to different people as some would think that the paper is a Gbaramatu affair, a look at the content of the paper will put such argument to rest.

We are using this medium to inform the misinformed that the newspaper is independent as its editorial content is not determined by anybody or group outside the company. Performing the watchdog role as a media outfit is our ultimate mission as upholding to such will drive us to be sourcing for news from any quarter.

Thank you and God bless.


Publisher, GbaramatuVoice Newspaper

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