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Ijaw Women Support Hilda Dokubo’s Appointment Into Amnesty Office

The Ijaw women, under the auspices of Ijaw Women Connect (worldwide) has declared their support for the appointment of woman activist, Hilda Dokubo, as a Personal Assistant to the new Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta and Coordinator, Presidential Amnesty Programme, Prof Charles Dokubo.

In a statement titled; ‘Hilda Dokubo is qualified to be appointed Personal Assistant to the Special Adviser on Niger Delta and Coordinator, Presidential Amnesty Programme, Prof Charles Dokubo’, which was signed by the group’s President, Comrade Rosemary Graham-Naingba, the socio-political group warned those against the appointment of the activist, especially those it accused of being paid agents of disgruntled politicians, who do not mean well for the Ijaws.

The statement reads; ”Ijaw women in all sincerity, condemn the attack on our sister, Hilda Dokubo, who we unanimously, support to be appointed as the PA to the new Amnesty Boss.

”Hilda, is very qualified to be appointed Personal Assistant because, she is amongst the few women who have been engaged in the process and has played very key and significant roles from the demobilization
stage, to training and re-integration”.

The group also claimed that Hilda has passion for the people and that she has been involved in the Amnesty programme from inception.

”Hilda is more than qualified to be in that position. She has a passion for our people. She has been a part of the process and understands PAP Office enough to work with the new SA.

”Ijaw women support her appointment as the PA and promise to stand by her to enable her contribute to the efforts of the programme, to succeed in it’s original mandate.”

The group warned that she would not tolerate any form of attack on Dokubo and that the PAP boss, has the right to appoint his aides.

”Ijaw women will not stand by to watch this programme derailed by politicians, paid agents or those who do not mean well for our people.

”A situation where a  PA position of a very capable hand is under a very vicious attack, is totally unacceptable. The Special Adviser has a right and is totally entitled to appoint his own PA.

”We also call on our brothers who are being used as agents of distraction and division of the Ijaw Nation to desist from such acts.

“Long Live The Ijaw Nation. Long Live The Ijaw Women. Long Live The Federal Republic Of Nigeria.”

By Abai Francis

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