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Ijaw Women Connect (IWC) members in a group photograph
Ijaw Women Connect (IWC) members in a group photograph

WARRI-Women under the auspices of Ijaw Women connect, IWC have today while marking the 2016 Ijaw women’s day in Warri at the event center of the Petroleum Training Institute, (PTI) Effurun in Delta State have called for the restructuring of the Nigerian federation.

Speaking at the event as a guest lecturer, Comr. Gabriel Allen, President Niger Delta poetry club, have described the Ijaw man as been faced with multifaceted challenges, adding that only fiscal federalism will be the way forward.

According to him, he stated that Niger Delta Elders and the Youths are in total disarray, alleging that the women are the only hope that is left to advance the Ijaw course of emancipation.

Comr. Gabriel further noted that the greatest enemy of the Ijaws and Niger Deltans is the Nigerian constitution, pointing out that until certain clauses of it is abolished, genuine development will continue to elude it.

High point of the occasion was the cultural display across all zones of the IWC, while Western and Eastern Zones presented a superlative dance performance, the story was not same in the Central Zone as it dramatized the neglect of the region.

It was a drama, detailing how oppressive forces came to invade hitherto peaceful communities with so much joy and lots of livelihood for consumption, but the story took a different dimension when soldiers came to invade the settlement and destroy the entire livelihood of the people by rendering them homeless as they roam on the forests without shelter.

Barr. Oweilaemi had earlier in his speech particularly called on the Ijaw Women connect to be more proactive, stressing that he do not believe in the trending issue of women belonging to the other room, he said he believes that the IWC considering their role in the present day liberation struggle of the Ijaw Nation are allegedly on the right track while commending them to always maintain the tempo.

On her part, President general of the Ijaw Women Connect, Comr. Rosemary Graham, in her message reiterated her commitment towards the building of a better Niger Delta and Ijaw nation.

Comr. Graham emphasized that seeing the cream of personalities and the thought provoking lectures presented by the various guest speakers have spore her to do more, she however throw her weight behind the call for fiscal federalism.

The event was well attended by scholars, activists, women leaders, political gazelles and leaders of various civil society groups in the Niger Delta region.

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