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Ijaw not part of Biafra territory, her struggle predates it-IYC president

  • Promises to bring Ijaws under one structure

Barrister Eric Omare has said that the Ijaw nation is not part and would never be part of Biafra even in the future, stressing that Ijaw struggle was on even before Biafra was conceived.

Barrister Omare who made this known at his inaugural speech as the 7th president of Ijaws Youth Council, IYC worldwide said Ijaw and Biafra have common interest of self-determination, and nothing else.

He said his direction as the 7th elected president of IYC was to work towards actualization of self determination and resource control for the Ijaw nation, adding that he would engage other ethnic groups in the Niger Delta to achieve this.

The 7th president added that he was ready to fight for political structure where all Ijaw people, regardless of the state they fall under, would be brought together as one nation indeed.

“We do not want a situation as it is now where the Ijaw people are balkanized in six different states as minorities, except Bayelsa. In Ondo State, Ijaw people are minorities. Whereas we are the mainstay of that state. In Edo State, the Ijaw people are not just minorities but they are treated like third class citizens. In Delta, especially the main part where we are standing here, we are treated as second class citizens. We can vote but cannot be voted for.

“We cannot contest  a house of assembly member. We cannot put a council member without begging. In Warri South, We cannot even produce a councilor.

“In Bayelsa, with even the enormous resources that we have, nothing to show for it. Similar problem exists in Akwa-Ibon and Rivers States. Therefore, what my leadership will be fighting for is a political structure that will bring all Ijaw people together. 

“Ijaw people are not part of Biafra territory, We have a self-determination struggle that has been in existence even before Biafran people came up.

“Some of you are aware that our leader, Maj. Jackson Adaka Boro declared a 12day revolution before Ojukwu declared Biafran republic.Therefore, the Ijaw people cannot be subjected to the Biafran republic.”

“All Ijaw people must be in one political structure and have control of their resources”, He added

On restructuring, the 7th president said it has becomes a mass movement that is unstoppable.

Barrister Omare promised to agitate for the relocation of oil companies operational headquarters to the Niger Delta region and the establishment of modular refinery.

Speaking, Chairman, organizing committee of the occasion, Comr. Alfred Akanmu thanked God for the success and promised that Omare would take the Ijaw nation to its promise land.

There was cultural dance by Isaba cultural group, and ogele led by ‘General’ Bounanaowei and Friday Egbegbe at the event.

Recall Omare was voted for in a convention held between 1st and 2nd of March, 2017 at Burutu, Delta State and was according to him consequently sworn-in the same day.

Similarly, recall, another President, Barrister Oweilaemi Pereotubo was sworn-in as the 7th president of the same IYC by Bayelsa State Government in Ijaws house, Yenagoa on March 27, 2017 after emerging victorious in a convention held at Okirika, River State.

The inauguration was attended by His Royal Majesty, Joel Ebani, the Pere of Iduwini kingdom, Bayelsa State, the Pere of Ogbe-Ijoh, ably represented by Ogbe-Ijoh Traditional Council of Chiefs, ex-agitators leaders, Youth leaders from other ethnic groups, amongst others.


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