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Ijaw group sends strong warning to Fulani herdsmen

By Our Correspondent 

As the dry season bites harder amidst migration of herders and their cattle to the southern parts of the country, Ijaw rights group, Ijaw Unity Watchdog, IUW, has warned armed Fulani herdsmen to stay away from the forest areas in the South-South and South-Eastern parts of the country.

The group in a statement yesterday by its national president, Pereotubo Sunny and secretary, Emmanuel Daarepamowei, expressed displeasure on the activities of armed Fulani herdsmen across the country with a warning that they will do everything within their power to protect the Southern territories.

The statement which was signed alongside two others reads in parts: “We call on Fulani herdsmen not to enter the territories of Niger Delta with their bad intention of invading the dwellers, enough is enough, we are not happy with Fulani herdsmen and serious warning to Niger Delta governors forum, to shun Fulani herdsmen to not enter our territories.

“The Yoruba having puts outstanding security to defend their land and southeast inclusively, what are we waiting for. What affects your brother may one day affect you.

“Niger Delta leaders wake up, we have many facts to show the injustices the Niger Delta people have endured, and the right denied us, but if we the Niger Delta people stand in one voice, who is Fulani herdsmen in the country, growth and development is our own pace, we must be firm in our desire.

“On behalf of Fulani Nationalist Movements (FUNAM) we hereby warn the government and his agencies to advice them.

The leadership and members of Ijaw Unity Watchdog asking Fulani people who have occupied some Forest in Delta State and Bayelsa State to quit.”

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