Ijaw family reunites with their ancient family in Urhobo

By Enaibo Asiayei 

The Izon family of Ayakoromo, Akparemogbene, Oyangbene and Ekameta otherwise known as either the Gogi family or the Ezaigba family in Burutu and Bomadi Local Government Areas of Delta state recently reunited with their Urhobo family in Ovwian named Sokoh Family in Udu Local Government Area.

It was a daughter of Mr Sokoh named Muakere who got married to Mr Izon Ezaigba of Ayakoromo and Akparemogbene and gave birth to Messrs Ogiren, Ekanpou, Ododo and Ekregbainmo. For many years the biologically related two families of Izon Family of Ayakoromo and the Sokoh Family of Ovwian missed their historical link and got accidentally separated from each other many years ago.

By painstaking historical research these two great families met and re-established their long lost historical link and now the two families are more strongly reunited and reconnected with a renewed determination that their biological link would never never suffer further severance or separation.

In the spirit of re-establishing their once severed historical link, the Izon Family was warmly received by the Sokoh Family. It was a moment of great celebration for both families which are now resolved never to allow their historical link get snapped and broken again. No celebration of reunion party can ever be greater than this.

It was Mr Ekanpou George, a 90-old man (the oldest man in the Izon Family) who led the Izon Family to the Sokoh Family for historical reconnection and reunion.

It was very clear from the reunion that the Izon Family and the Sokoh Family would pool their resources together for a more progressive and prosperous life for both families.

For Mr. Ekanpou Enewaridideke, a great grandchild of Muakere who is of the Sokoh Family, his joy was beyond any word any writer could summon to describe his native-chalk-marked INSIDE. It was a memorable day of relief and indescribable joy and happiness for Mr Ekanpou Enewaridideke whose cream of time is always devoted to meaningful historical excavations geared towards the re-establishment of lost historical links bordering on the families where his roots of origin lie buried.

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