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I want to bring the Niger Delta to limelight with my music – Lizberg

Lizberg is the moniker adopted by Lisbon Awiki, the Ijaw language rapstar whose mission is to bring the Niger Delta to world limelight through his music.

Just recently the youngster released a single in which he had a duet with award winning Wizkid.

A native of Enikorogha in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.

Lizberg performing on stage at the 2018 April 1st Warri Mega Fiesta Easter Edition

Lizberg started singing at the age of 11 years as a member of the children choir of the Mountain of Fire and Miracle Church in Warri, Delta state.

To his parents, his love for music did not come as a surprise as his dad in his youth as a good musician specializing in singing in his native Ijaw dialect. In fact, he played a very supportive role in ensuring that his son gets all the support he needed to get by.

“I remember that back in the days as a young boy I used to stay close to my dad and watch him as he strums his guitar. He was such a huge influence in my early days as a musician.

“His support was enormous. However, he never stopped telling me that his desire is to see me graduate and become a success story academically; same thing with my mum. She too always spoke about the need for me to get the necessary educational qualification that will pave a way for me in future.

“My dad’s mentorship was a big boost and I must confess that it was one of the factors that gave me the boldness that I display wherever I am performing,” he said.

Lizberg latest single with Wizkid

The undergraduate of the University of Africa in Bayelsa state recalled that the first time he was to perform at a show was in Awka, Anambra state.

“Before I went on stage I was fidgety. I had different thoughts running around my brain. However, immediately I mounted the stage and grabbed the microphone all my fears dissolved into thin air. I became very bold.

“What further made the day a memorable one for me was the fact that despite that I sang in my native Ijaw dialect to a crowd made up mainly of Igbo people I get a loud ovation as the audience was impressed with my performance.

“I really enjoyed the positive response I got and there and then I promised to go further in my performance in future,” he reminisced.

To date, he has a couple of songs which have been trending on radio stations. Such songs include ‘Na Hear I Hear’, ‘Opuanda’ (Big Fight), ‘Ballatua’, ‘Do For Love’, ‘Enabrasin’ (Leave Me), ‘Aboh’ (which is an acronym for Ayiba Bless Our Hustle), ‘Ebiere Fine Pass Diana’ and ‘Feel ‘Ur Vibe’.

Lizberg disclosed that the song, ‘Ebiere Fine Pass Diana’ was inspired by his show of appreciation to his chain of female fans who willingly promote him and his music.

“I dedicated the song ‘Ebiere Fine Pass Diana’ to my legion of female admirers who go all the way to promote me and my music. The song was actually done to appreciate them all.

“As they say ‘to whom much is given much is expected’, I had to go the extra mile to do the song as a mark of honour, appreciation and respect for the ladies.”

One incident that will forever remain etched in his memory was the day he performed on the same show with award winning star, Wizkid at an Easter season show, Warri Mega Fiesta, which was held at the KFT Place, Warri.

“I met Wizkid at the Warri Mega Fiesta which held at the KFT Place in Warri during the Easter season celebration. I introduced myself to him and I told him my intention to collaborate with him on his ‘Lagos Vibes’ song.

“He assured me that it was okay by him but the only problem would be the fact that he may be out of the country for most part of the year and thus wouldn’t be available.

Lizberg performing on stage at the 2018 Harrysong King Makers Concert at the Warri City Stadium

“So, I went ahead with the song giving it some unique touch and changing the title to ‘Feel Your Vibes’. When he heard the work he was so impressed and he gave me his endorsement,” he revealed.

Since the song hit the airwaves, the student of International Relations, who gets inspiration for his songs mostly from events happening around him, has been inundated with series of phone calls making positive comments about his dexterity and prowess.

His advice to so many others in the entertainment sector is that they should keep doing anything that gives them happiness.

“If I had not kept on with what I was doing way back by now, I wouldn’t have achieved the much that I have been able to achieve within such a brief period. It is good to be consistent and have a focus.

“Nothing comes easy. What counts at the end of the day is your consistency and ability to play safe,” he concluded.

By Magdalene Agbadamashi & Shina Badmus 

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