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Group warns against plot to attack oil facilities, disrupt election in Ijaw communities

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By Shina Badmus

The Ijaw Rebirth National Congress, IRNC, an Ijaw group committed to the peace and progress of the Ijaw nation, has urged the Ijaw people to shun violence and sustain the existing peace in the area as elections commence.

Speaking through the facilitator of the group, Comrade Luke Owei, they said: “We are calling on the Federal Government and relevant security agencies to be on alert to avert any possible attack on oil facilities in Ijaw communities in Delta State.

“This call is very necessary because any attack on oil facilities within Ijaw communities could wrongly instigate the Federal Government against the innocent Ijaw people and communities in Delta state, therefore, the security agencies should ensure they curb any attempt to attack oil facilities in Ijaw land.

“Nobody, persons or groups in Delta state should contemplate targeting oil facilities in Ijaw communities or areas with an intention to malign the Ijaws in Delta state, and possibly instigate security agencies against Ijaw people.

“There should be no plot to attack and instigate violence in Ijaw communities so as to distabalize the outcome of the elections in the Ijaw communities.”

Owei urged the Ijaws not to be intimidated and cast their votes for their preferred candidates and political parties.

“The Ijaw people shall continue to peacefully demand for the development of their communities and empowerment of their people politically. They may belong to different political parties, but certainly not in any way an enemy or against the Federal Government.

“Finally, the Ijaw people in Niger Delta and in Delta State shall continue to support and collaborate with the Federal Government and relevant interventionist agencies to attract the desired human and infrastructural development to Ijaw communities. Election is not a do or die affair. We congratulate in advance would- be winners of the Presidential and National Assembly Elections,” he concluded.

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