GbaramatuVoice’s Asiayei Receives International Recognition

GbaramatuVoice's Asiayei Receives International Recognition

Mr. Asiayei Enaibo, the Managing Editor of GbaramatuVoice, the leading media outlet in the Niger Delta, was recently recognized with a prestigious International award from the Stakeholders Democracy Network (SDN) at Golden Tulip Hotel in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

Enaibo’s outstanding commitment to community research and peace-building efforts in Delta State, particularly in combating oil theft, earned him this esteemed recognition on April 13th.

The award ceremony marked the 20th Anniversary of SDN, an organization founded in 2004 in London to advocate for communities impacted by the oil and gas industry in the Niger Delta.

Expressing gratitude for the honor, Enaibo dedicated the award to his colleagues and supporters. The event was attended by eminent personalities, researchers, stakeholders, and NGO representatives, underscoring the significance of Enaibo’s contributions to peace and development in Delta State.

Florence Ibokabasi, SDN’s Country Director, presented the award to Enaibo and other deserving recipients, including Robert Bokolo from Bayelsa State, Fyneface Dumnamene from Rivers, and the late Patrick Naagbanton, who was posthumously honored for his invaluable contributions.

The ceremony served as a reminder of the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing the challenges facing the Niger Delta region and celebrated individuals dedicated to fostering positive change.

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