GbaramatuVoice: Our Appreciation and Resolve for 2023

GbaramatuVoice: Our Appreciation and Resolve for 2023

By GbaramatuVoice Editorial Board

As the world knocks at the entrance of 2023, the management and staff of Gbaramatu Publishing Company Limited, owners of the GbaramatuVoice Newspapers and Television, appreciates our teaming stakeholders for the unflinching support demonstrated in the year 2022 and by extension, in the past seven years of our corporate existence.

Specifically, our special appreciation goes to public office holders, respected royal and religious fathers, Chief Executives of International Oil Companies (IOCs), captains of industries, leaders of specialized groups, members of our constituency (the pen profession), suppliers, contractors, advertisers, contributors and other stakeholders too numerous to mention.

In this past one year, GbaramatuVoice have through your unalloyed support gone through a sequential process. We adhered to our values and principles as set out and conducted our behavior and played the role of your choice. While doing so, you appreciated and decided on our rationality, validity and justification for application to the circumstances.

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You advised us not to remain rigid on our values and principles but take a little flexible approach without diluting much on our core values. Within these seven years, we came across many unpleasant occasions or adverse resource positions which faced us to block, bend, hesitate or compromise on our goals or perhaps on our values and principles. But you cautioned and advised us to remain firm, determined and focused on our objective and should never remain oblivious of adverse circumstances like resource position. You gave us corporate advice on how to get out of difficult situations. Your support was critical and we are indeed grateful.

As we now gaze into 2023, we resolve as ever to be alive on our primary responsibility to both the masses and public office holders in a democratic society.

As a media house, we will watch and not to be watched over; we are to watch over crimes, injustices, malpractices, and every other act that is deemed unfair and unlawful. Professionally, we are competent to carry out these duties as the fourth estate of the realm. We are not the kind of dogs with ropes tied round their necks, and so having no freedom of speech and expression.

The fact that we are watchdogs means we know what to do, where we are going, and how to discharge our duties as when due. Our decision and direction should not be dictated by any external force, influence or power whatsoever.

Notably also, while we promise to support the fundamental needs of the country, and, the positive purpose of the elected government if it will not in any way dent the media’s primary responsibility to the masses in a democratic society, GbaramatuVoice however announces with pride, that it will continue to bring to the surface, hidden tensions that are already alive in our nation and Niger Delta region in particular, to where they can be seen and treated.

In 2023, our Resource Centre for Niger Delta Studies and other critical research geared towards attainment of sustained national development as well as a media institute will provide an unending opportunity for fresh graduates from the region interested in media practice. They shall be trained for free on different media skills for self reliance.

Finally, we recognize without mincing words that the future is full of promises as it is fraught with uncertainties. But with God on our side coupled with your support, we will conquer our fears. With you as God’s instrument, and development-focused Nigerians, we are full of hope that our quest will be seamlessly achieved.

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