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Press Statement

Our attention has been drawn to clandestine moves by Nigerian Security agencies to further destabilize Gbaramatu kingdom, as so many persons have come to know the truth about the establishment of the only Maritime University in the country, which is sited in Okerenkoko community, Gbaramatu kingdom. This planned action by the security agencies is to label the area as unsafe for the university to immediately start academic session, because there may be no other excuse to delay the take of the university as a result of recent revelations made on the school.

For instance, it has been revealed that the school temporary site is ready for academic session as about 19 massive buildings of various sizes are completed with furniture and other educational paraphernalia on a 12 hectares of reclaimed land. The school also has the entire administrative structure on ground like any other university in the country, such as the Governing Council with a very experienced professor, Prof.  Viola Onwuliri, as Chairperson,  and the management team, headed by the Vice Chancellor of the University, prof. Maureen Ongoebi Etebu. The school also has a pro-chancellor, in the person of the Emir of Daura, in Katsina State. And so we have been wondering why a University with all these human and infrastructural development is put on hold, whereas some other universities established the same time with it, that does not have such structures on ground are doing well in the country. This is truly worrisome and heart broken.

Further on the planned attack on Gbaramatu kingdom, the Nigerian Military and other security agencies are set to attack some communities in the kingdom under the guise of fighting the Niger Delta Avengers.

It is very unfair and dangerous for security agencies to nurse this kind of action as it is totally against the current peace process by the government. We have disclaimed on many occasions that the people of Gbaramatu kingdom has nothing to do with the Avengers.

It is not in the spirit of the Gbaramatu man to do evil to himself, as the present action of the Avengers is inimical to the environment and the people. Let it be known to the entire World that the Gbaramatu People are the greatest sufferers of the activities of the Avengers in the Niger Delta region.

Therefore any action from the military and other security agencies at this time will exacerbate the living condition of the people.

It could be recalled that this was how Gbaramatu kingdom was invaded, violated and left in tears in 2009, as the military totally destroyed some communities in the kingdom in similar circumstances.

And now they have started plans to attack these innocent and armless people under the guise of fighting militancy.

The Nigerian government is yet to pay the 99 billion naira compensation awarded to Gbaramatu kingdom by a competent court of law, against the illegal and unlawful action of the military.

The security agencies planning this action should have a rethink as no amount of military actions can resolve the developmental issues in the Niger Delta region.

The military should also know that this planned action is genocidal as they are planning to kill innocent people.

While the Gbaramatu Traditional Council and other Traditional Institutions, Leaders of thought in the Niger-Delta including Traditional Rulers from most of the States in the Niger-Delta are struggling and interfacing with the Government on a peaceful resolution of the issues raised by various groups, the Military should not throw clog in the wheel of progress so far made by these well-meaning Sons  and Daughters of Niger-Delta by continuous plans to bring more problems to the people of Niger-Delta and Gbaramatu Kingdom in particular.

At this juncture, we wish to commend Mr President on the on-going peace process because there is no alternative to peace anywhere in the World. Therefore Mr President should look into the substance of the issues that have been raised by the people of the region, with the intention of resolving the issues once and for all.      


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