From Ogulagha to Gbaramatu: Tombra and Akpos’ Love Story Begins

Miss Tombra Juliet Johnny and Mr. Felix Akpos Tangbe, two passionate lovebirds, are ready to tie the knot in a beautiful Ijaw traditional ceremony. Hailed from the culturally rich Gbaramatu and Ogulagha Kingdoms, this heartwarming union promises to be a celebration of love, heritage, and tradition.

The ceremony will take place today Sunday, October 15th, at the NNPC Junior Staff Club in Effurun, Delta State. As these two souls come together, the soul-stirring melodies of Ijaw highlife musician, Prince Isaba Abraham and his group, will provide a musical backdrop to this extraordinary event.

Akpos Shares Their Love Story at Novena University

Our love story began in Novena University in Ogume, Delta State, in 2020. At that time, I was passionately pursuing my degree in Computer Science, fully engrossed in the world of programming and algorithms. Meanwhile, she was navigating the realm of Accounting, diving into financial statements, ledgers, and balance sheets.

Our paths converged through shared classes and common friends. It was during one of those academic interactions that our eyes met, and conversations flowed effortlessly. As we spent more time together, our interests and aspirations started to align, creating a deep connection that transcended our academic differences.

The bond we built during those university days became the foundation of our love story. We discovered a shared sense of humor, dreams, and values, which gradually evolved into a beautiful relationship that has continued to grow stronger with time. The memories we created at Novena University hold a special place in our hearts, as they mark the beginning of a love story that we cherish dearly.

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Explore their enchanting photos below to catch a glimpse of their love story.

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