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Finally, PANDEF splinter group PNDPC returns

The Pan-Niger Delta People’s Congress (PNDPC), a splinter group of the Pan-Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF), has rejoined PANDEF.

PNDPC, led by the paramount ruler of Seimbiri Kingdom, Pere Charles Ayemi-Botu and High Chief Mike Loyibo, had challenged the Chief Edwin Clark-led PANDEF in the last few months.

Although Ayemi-Botu was absent at the harmonisation meeting held at Clark’s country home in Kiagbodo, Burutu Local Government Area, Chief Loyibo, who led the PNDPC entourage, affirmed that all disagreements had been rested.

On the PNDPC’s entourage were the Pere of Ogulagha Kingdom, Capt.  Joseph Timiyan; Prof Christopher Dime; Chief Prefugha Karawei; Chief Wellington Bobo; Chief William Borme and Chief D.S.P Oyadonghan.

Loyibo said the PNDPC ceased to exist, following the parley with Chief

Clark, adding that it would be unproductive for the people to work at cross purposes.

“We are back. The only way we can progress as a region is to stick together as one, and we have decided that from today, there’s nothing like PNDPC anymore, there’s only one umbrella body, which is PANDEF, under the leadership of Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark. I’m talking on behalf of the entire PNDPC; that’s why we are here.

“When we are divided, we cannot achieve development for our people, and what we are talking about is Niger Delta; Niger Delta must come first and second. The issue our father has been pursuing is how he can advance the cause of the Niger Delta, and that is what we all stand for, and that’s why we decided to collapse under PANDEF, to work under our leader so that we can achieve development for our people,” Loyibo said.

Chief Clark thanked Loyibo and his entourage for seeing reasons for mending fences, and Alaowei Broderick Bozimo for making the peace meeting happen.

He, however, urged the Federal Government to see the Niger Delta movement as one indivisible entity, instead of trying to divide it.

His words: “In every community, you are bound to agree and disagree, that’s the basis of democracy. We have now met and decided to come together, to work together, and we use this opportunity to advise the Federal Government to see us as one, and not do anything to create division among us.

“We want to emphasise again that the Pan-Niger Delta Forum is not an Ijaw affair, people should not use the word Ijaw to discredit us; we are for everybody in the Niger Delta and whatever is happening in the Niger Delta. We should all work together, not allowing anybody, whether the Federal Government, or any other organisation, divide.”

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