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Eulogies drench Ebenanaowei of Ogulagha kingdom on his birthday

His Imperial Majesty and Our King, Elder (Capt.) Joseph Timiyan JP, Ebenanaowei of Ogulagha kingdom in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta state. Before we dive into writing this eulogy to mark the auspicious occasion of your birthday, the news organization must start with a confessional statement. It sounds unbelievable but it is true that despite being writers by training and profession, commenting on this eulogy was a herculean tasks for us.
The reason for such occurrence is barefaced and comes in many folds. 

His Majesty, Ebenanaowei of Ogulagha Kingdom, his and son with Hon. Julius Pondi, Member representing Burutu Federal Constituency; Capt. Letthemsay Enaibagha, a business mogul, Felix Braboke and others

First, prior to this time, the Editorial Board of the GbaramatuVoice Newspaper thought that we have a comprehensive account of your good deed. But after going through, and listening to the testimonies of your subjects that gathered to celebrate you on your birthday, the news organization became overwhelmed by the facts that emerged.

The Ebenanaowei of Ogulagha Kingdom, Elder (Capt.) King Joseph Timiyan JP, his wife, cutting the birthday cake with the Pere of Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom, King Couple Oromoni; Orosuen of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom, Hon. Julius Pondi, member representing Burutu Federal Constituency, Chiefs of the kingdom, at his Palace in Obotobo town.

In view of the above, the publisher, editorial board members of the News Organization have among many other lessons on that day, come to a sudden but sincere realization that you are not just a mere traditional ruler but an enigma and an institution.
Again, we are now well aware that you are a Royal Father deeply, dearly, sincerely and clearly loved by all- namely; fellow royal fathers, those in public offices in the state and beyond, traditional rulers, your subjects, youths within the kingdom and beyond, fathers and mothers in the kingdom among others.
It is evident as subsequent paragraphs will reveal that you belong to the class of your very own. You are specially created by God, anointed as a king by Him, crowned by men and loved by all.
Certainly, like a global market, Ogulagha kingdom under your watch has made great advancement.  You have under your leadership assisted/helped the Ogulagha emerge among the comity of great kingdoms in the state with resounding achievements. You have with your creative leadership prowess made the kingdom a reference point and envy of other kingdoms.
Our King, by your relationship with us at the GbaramatuVoice in past six years, you have taught us that there exists a very big difference between doing-good and doing well.
You have demonstrated that ‘doing-good entails charity service or so-called selfless service where one renders assistance and walks away without waiting for any returns while doing well describes reciprocation and ‘win-win’ because the doer is also a stakeholder and has an intention to benefit at least in goodwill and friendship’.
We are indeed grateful.
As you celebrate, we cease this medium and the favorable condition provided by the occasion of your birthday to joyfully inform you that God has tremendously used you to uplift your kingdom and humanity. In the same vein, announce without fear of contradiction to the world that you doing well on the throne.
The GbaramatuVoice is without a doubt not alone in this opinion.
Let’s look at commentaries
Beginning with reality, the speech by Honorable Julius Pondi, a ranking, member of the Nation’s House of Representative, representing Burutu Federal Constituency, who was the chairman of the occasion, comes to mind.
To copiously quote him, he said in part;  “Your Majesty sir, I was inside when you prayed and did said and I agreed for the past fifteen (15) years we have left where we were, it has gone beyond where we met it. Today we have had cause to the presence of the Vice President of Nigeria (Prof. Yemi Osinbajo) in the last 15 years under your watching, we have had cause to have Governor (Senator Ifeanyi Okowa) of our dear state in your kingdom in your palace twice under your reign. Under your watch I have not only gone to the national assembly but I am a ranking member in the national assembly not without your very sincere prayer. So when I have the opportunity to come here I see it as a privilege. Your Majesty, you have indeed done very well.”
Now, before you conclude with the above comment, wait till you cast a glance at another, this time around,  by a fellow traditional ruler in the person of Orosuen of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom, King Emmanuel Okumagba. 
Hear him; “I have come all the way from Okere-Urhobo Kingdom in Warri-South Local Government Area. This is my first visit to Ogulagha Kingdom to thank God for His Royal Majesty, Pere of Ogulagha Kingdom. I can see that he has done so much for this kingdom and it’s only proper that I should appreciate the Almighty for his life, and to ask God to give him continuous wisdom and strength to rule his people diligently. When the people have a good leader it brings joy and the kingdom flourishes. It is my hope and prayer that the people of Ogulagha Kingdom continue praying for their king who has done so much for them. The people of the kingdom should emmulate peace inorder to encourage peaceful reign of the king. And most importantly I pray for good health so he can live long to continue serving his people. This is my prayer for him and everyone who has come to celebrate with him.” He cocluded.
Let’s move from the traditional ruler to the subject
To some, he is a helper. He sees all as family members. He assumes relative and friend of those who have no helpers and he found delight taking over case, and became their helpers seeing them through primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. Those who were not trade and business, he helped financially and otherwise. He provided moral support. He is a man of gentle nature. There was no time you will hear him shouting and he talks calmly.
To others, he is someone who forgives and show mercy on those that offends him. He is gentle and does not discriminate. He takes care of his subject as if they they are his family. He does not underling their status. He has trained other people’s children and he gave some financial assistance. Others, he placed on scholarship. He is a humble leader.
To the rest, he is a faithful Royal Majesty. He is indeed a perfect gentleman who in his journey of life so far that has always believe in the adage that says; Good name is better than riches”. He identifies honesty as best approach towards any achievement in life. He loves and he is loved by his people.
His character says something new and important.
His Royal Majesty in the estimation of his people is generous to a fault. More often than not, his nature abhors suffering and he empties his pocket to alleviate the sufferings of others.  His generosity in our views at the GbaramatuVoice is legendary. His Place is always visitors friendly as they drink, eat and dance to music of their choices. At every point in time, there is always food for everyone to eat.  
On this day, at this time and in this place, it is our wish and prayers at the Gbaramatu Voice, the Niger Delta leading and most trusted newspaper, that the God in heaven blesses you with good health of mind and body, and furnish you with more leadership wisdom to guide and guard the kingdom. 

We obviously and sincerely appreciate the unalloyed support given to us all these years.

Again, accept our sincere congratulations as you celebrates.

By GbaramatuVoice Editorial Board 

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