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Electricity: PHEDC on fire as Bayelsa residents cry out for stable power

By Ebi Perekeme 

Residents of Bayelsa state have called out the management of Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company, PHEDC, to address the epileptic electricity in the state.

This came as Twitter users on Sunday afternoon flooded the micro-blogging site with tweets hashtag “#GiveBayelsaLight” calling on PHEDC, to give electricity to the residents of Bayelsa State.

The hashtag #GiveBayelsaLight is still trending on twitter as at 10:00pm on Sunday with nearly 6K tweets.

The users tagged the official twitter handle of Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHEDC), demanding for power supply in the state.

Here are some of the tweets posted by users with the hashtag demanding electricity from PHEDC.

NOTE: The claims made in the tweets embedded below or the ideas presented in them are those solely of the users. GbaramatuVoice does not does not necessarily endorse the ideas, views posted by any of the users.

Edor Favour: One can’t be paying for darkness. No light for months even after residents contributed/paid money for their transformer to fixed! People are been exploited, no light for 24days, yet people are made to pay for 31days! We need to match on the streets & press for #GiveBayelsaLight.

Leona Wessey: I stay up North, whenever I travel home (Bayelsa) to spend time with my family, we run our generators non stop until I leave. Light no dey blink for Igbogene for 3 weeks plus wey I Dey spend. #GiveBayelsaLight now!!!.”

Feghabo Tubo: How can we be paying for darkness!!!
We pay light bills yet we don’t see the light. We are tired of the darkness. #GiveBayelsaLight.”

Seiyefa Tonye: I spend 10k paying for darkness monthly across my businesses and home. @OfficialPHED @iamDouyeDiri

Dan Atim: We have the largest gas reserves, the Govt should fix the IMIRINGI GAS TURBINE and set up other turbines. #GiveBayelsaLight

Doris Tobin: We can’t be providing electricity ourselves and still pay @OfficialPHED for what they don’t provide. #GiveBayelsaLight

Ayebadanyo: If @OfficialPHED can distribute pre paid meters in Rivers state, Bayelsa state with a smaller population, a smaller capital, and less industrialized should not go through the troubles experienced now, except ofcourse it is delibrate. @OfficialPHED #GiveBayelsaLight

IjawSinglesForum: When will Bayelsa state enjoy stable power supply? #GiveBayelsaLight

Samuel Highafovoured Ekiyor: Bayelsa is the only state that is owned by the ijaws,yet the ijaws have looted the monies meant to develop the state.a state that should ordinarily look like Dubai still looks like the village it has always been.its a shame and a pity,Bayelsa deserves more…#GiveBayelsaLight

Martha J: The light issue in my state is more than terrible, we can’t continue like this, with all the money and oil bayelsa state has, we have the worst light supply, we go weeks off in darkness. Give us light we can’t keep suffering for how long? #GiveBayelsaLight

Theresa Tekena: PHEDC is using Estimated Billing System to exploit Bayelsans and the state government @iamDouyeDiri is unlooking. Give every household pre-paid meters and fix our gas turbine. #GiveBayelsaLight

Crayefishseller: Bayelsa State being one of the feeders of Nigeria with Crude Oil cannot boost of/for 12hrs electricity supply. People in the State mostly buy fuel for generators everyday. #GiveBayelsaLight

Diri Amos: You exploit our Rivers, lands daily but cannot give us even the commonest and cheapest commodity @OfficialPHED

Harrynotnice: My first week in yenagoa, majority of the people around owns a power bank plus excess sales/usage on generator @OfficialPHED This isn’t right!! #GiveBayelsaLight

KinGladiq: I provide My own Water, Road, Security and then Pay @OfficialPHED For light Yet I dey buy Fuel Every Day.. Make Una Use Una Head and #GiveBayelsaLight

Brayelayefa: Good day your Excellency @iamDouyeDiri while you are in office I really want you to look into the light situation of Bayelsa state. Light up the state and see a drastic increase in the economy and a decrease in insecurity and crimes happening in the state. #GiveBayelsaLight

IjawSingleForum: God said let there be light 💡 and there was light 💡. @OfficialPHED why are you now saying let there be darkness in Bayelsa state?

Warepamor Sammy: It is either @OfficialPHED is shut down permanently,completely and sealed off till they are ready to do what is right which is to provide adequate power supply to the whole Bayelsa state. Because that’s d only way to get government attention. This war is On! #GiveBayelsaLight

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