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A Niger Delta activist, Comr. Fiyebo Eperetei have advised Ijaws in Edo state to vote wisely in the forthcoming gubernatorial election to avert another years of unbridled suffering.

Comr. Fiyebo, urges the Ijaws to be vigilant while noting that the contributions of Ijaws in the state where enormous as they are continually being undermined despite its economic and political viability by successive governments.

In a statement sent to newsmen, the activist particularly urges the youths to thread with caution in selecting their leaders.

“Base on that I want to use this avenue to encourage our youths to envisage the future before they vote again in order not to vote wrong leaders who cannot recognizes their presence in the state. Especially, today campaign in APC led administration, it was an unacceptable behaviour, how can you recognize, the Hausa community, Yoruba community, Igbo Community and left the oil producing Ijaws in state unrecognized, but you are saying that there is a leader in the state

“In politics you don’t underestimate any group, tribe, community, personality and so on. As far as I am concern, Edo state is made up of two Ethnic Nationality, the Edo people and the Ijaws, therefore in all ramification, it is unacceptable to marginalize, intimidate, and the underdevelopment of the Ijaws as part of Edo state, however, it should be noted that every election period, the Ijaw votes are appreciable and that this time around I urge them to vote for a leader that can carry them along.” Comr. Eperetei stated.

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