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Results announced so far by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC reveals that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is leading.

According to reports by the Edo INEC, 9 Local Government Areas results have been announced so far with the APC winning five out of the 9 Local Governments while the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP maintains second position by leading in Four Local governments.

It would be recalled that out of the eighteen Local Government Councils in Edo State, 9 have been released so far and 9 are yet to be released by the Independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC)

As at the time of filing this report, INEC have gone for an hour break to resume the announcement of the remaining 9 Local government Areas.

Meanwhile Gbaramatu Voice correspondent in Edo state reveals that there is currently protest in the state as members believed to be PDP supporters are protesting against the results released by the INEC, alleging that the results have been manipulated and does not reflect the will of the people.

#EdoElection Official Results

1. Owan West LGA Result
APC : 12,862
PDP : 10,132
Registered Voters: 54,406
Accredited Voters: 24,487

2. Egor LGA Result
APC: 26,177
PDP: 19,514
Registered Voters: 184,296
Accredited Voters: 49,802

3. Esan LGA Result
APC: 9,130
PDP: 16,220
Total Valid Votes: 25,747
Total Vote Cast: 26,944

4. Igueben LGA Result
APC: 7,802
PDP: 7,560
Total Valid Votes: 15,506
Total Vote Cast: 16,086
Rejected Votes: 508

5. Uhunwomnde LGA Result
APC: 10,911
PDP: 8,667
Total Valid Votes: 19,971
Total Vote Cast: 21,730
Rejected Votes: 1,759

6. Oredo LGA Result
APC: 37,612
PDP: 30,492
Total Valid Votes: 69,401
Total Vote Cast: 73,712
Rejected Votes: 4,311

7. Esan South-East LGA Result
APC: 9,554
PDP: 11,466
Total Valid Votes: 21,250
Total Votes Cast: 22,056
Rejected Votes: 806

8. Orhionmwon LGA Result
APC: 15,262
PDP: 16,446
Total Valid Votes: 32,213
Total Votes Cast: 34,001
Rejected Votes: 1,788

9. Esan West LGA Result
APC: 13,114
PDP: 16,311
Total Valid Votes: 29,963
Total Votes Cast: 31,526
Rejected Votes: 1,563

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