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DTHA 2019: Warri South West Aspirant, Guwor Appeals For Stakeholders’ Cooperation, As APC Leaders Defects To PDP

…we are back to our original home base – Decampees

…they will help us grow the party-Chief Otuaro

Delta State House of Assembly aspirant for Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta state, Mr. Emomotimi Dennis Guwor, on Tuesday appealed to all PDP stakeholders in the area, especially those of his consultative forum, to close ranks with others, ahead of the 2019 general elections, for the success of the party.

This is as several members of the All Progressives Congress, APC, defected to the ruling party, in the state.

Mr. Guwor, made the passionate appeal at the meeting of the Emomotimi Consultative Forum held today, at the posh KFT Place.

In attendance were some PDP chieftains and other members from Warri South West Local Government Area, which include; Chief Ekomieyefa Uduboh, Chairman of the Forum; Chief Dennis Otuaro, PDP Leader in Gbaramatu kingdom; Chief Jeffery Ojogun, Hon. Sir Matthew Itsekure and Mr. Jimmy Ogida

He also appealed for commitment and sicerity on the part of his supporters for the task ahead, while on his part, promising to deliver the dividends of democracy when elected.

“We need to reach out to as many people in Warri South West. It is no longer news that my humble self is running for the State House of Assembly seat, as it affects Warri South West. So I will need your support, your very strong support.

“Of course, my going to the House of Assembly is to bring the dividends of democracy to all of us. The dividends of democracy are in different forms. In terms of development, in terms of representing you in a way that will be favourable to Deltans, first and also, Warri South West people.

Mr. Emomotimi Dennis Guwor in a group photograph with some Warri South West PDP leaders and supporters, yesterday at KFT Place, Warri.

He added; “I know you all believe in Okowa. And I know that come 2019, we shall have our own president, the president that is of PDP. So you people need to work with me; you need to help me to achieve this. So that is why I have called you to lend me your support,”

Sir (Hon) Matthew Itsekure, who also spoke at the meeting, pledged his support for the aspirant, who he said have the strongest appeal among those gunning for the Delta State House of Assembly.

He expressed gratitude at the conveyance of the meeting, which he described as a conference.

Mr. Itsekure weighed in, his support for Mr. Emomotimi, in whom he said the interest of the people lies in.

“I want to thank you because, it is a contest. And in this contest, there are a lot of persons on both sides of the table, but preferences will be given to where our interest lies.

”So we are going to weigh in our interests. I believe and I am convinced that Emomotimi is the man.”

On his own, Chief Ekomieyefa, the chairman of the forum, advised members to devoid their minds of all kinds of sentiments that can becloud their decision, adding that it is the time of the people to claim their rightful place in history.

“If you are supporting somebody, support him. Don’t allow anybody to come and play ethnic sentiment or religious sentiment. This is our time.

”The fact is that, if you cannot do it now, who will do it? My advice to everybody is to support your own. Don’t allow anybody to use ethnic or religious sentiment to divide you or to intimidate you. So this is our time, let’s do it now.”

The highlight of the meeting was the defection of several members of the All Progressives Congress, APC, from the Kunukunuma community in Gbaramatu Kingdom to the PDP.

Those who decamped to the party were led by Mr. Barry Mulade, speaking on why they decamped to the party; Mulade disclosed that the change promised them by their former was a mirage, which never happened.

He added that they left the PDP fold for their former party, on the strength of the promised change, which never materialized.

Mulade handed over the defecting party members to PDP leaders of the area and pledged on their behalf their unalloyed support for their new party, from which they had defected some years ago.

His words; “On behalf of the Kunukunuma APC, we are officially coming back home. PDP has been our home. The main reason why we were out and now we are coming back home, is because of some abnormalities.

”But we have come to see that our family, our home is PDP. It is a house that we have built with time and by time, and that is the essence why, we are coming back.

“If you have not opened doors for us I don’t think we would have had ways to come in. I will give you my word and on behalf of the community, Kunukunuma ward is here with you; we are solidly behind you. In fact, we are not going to only support you, we are collaborating with you.

“We are covered with the PDP, not by that name they were telling you before (APC members), No! We are back home.

”PDP have an umbrella that covers, that shades us from rain and sunshine. Thank you so much, for taking us back home,” he added.

Captain Denkeden, another defector who spoke at the event, corroborated the views of Mr. Mulade, he added that the APC was a wrong place for them in the first place, and that having realized that, they have decided to come back to the PDP fold.

“The APC government was not giving us any encouragement to work for them anymore; that is why we came back. PDP is our place, we belong to PDP. So now we have come back to PDP and we are ready to work for PDP.”

Receiving the decamped APC members into the Gbaramatu Ward, PDP Leader, Chief Dennis Otuaro, disclosed that the returning members of the party, were once builders of the PDP in the area and that many others, who have not yet returned would soon rejoin the party.

He said; “Today, they are back and this is the original umbrella and they are ready to change the change. That other change, which is the propaganda that have been confusing people everywhere, that confusion, is over.

“Actually, we still have some few elements of Gbaramatu that are still in the APC, but there is nothing too special about them, they know it.

”However, we are still giving everybody time. There is expiration date for whatever APC has done to them, whatever charm APC has given to them, those charm will expire. And when they come back, we are going to work with them.

He added; “Gbaramatu is returning Okowa and the Deputy Governor, Barr Kingsley Otuaro come 2019. And from the word ‘structure’ and everything, it is PDP in Gbaramatu. But for those few unfortunate, mostly the APC members, with time we are going to heal those misfortunes and they will come back to the party and support the party.”

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