Don Waney‘s gang members surrender

DON Waney’s empire of crime keeps collapsing after his bloody end, which was ignited by the New Year’s Day killings in Omoku, Rivers State.

Emenike Agamu (aka General Red Scorpion), who is said to be the fourth in-command in the Don Waney cult gang, yesterday surrendered his arms to security operatives in Owerri, the Imo State capital. Members of the group were declared wanted and its leader, John Igwedibe (aka Don Waney) was gunned down in Enugu by security agents.

His younger brother was shot dead days later.

It was later found out that the group had bases across the Southsouth and Southeast, including the Imo riverine community which borders Rivers State.

Agamu, who is among the suspected cultists declared wanted by the Rivers State government, surrendered alongside other Don Waney boys who had earlier rejected the government’s amnesty offer.

Red Scorpion confessed that the militant group killed many people and blew up many oil pipelines.

The group submitted explosives, rocket launchers and high calibre rifles, such as AK47, among others.

Receiving the repentant militants, Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha said  the development would  ensure lasting peace in the oil producing areas.

He said: “It is very shocking to note that most of the activists of the Avengers and those of Don Waney operatives are our sons and daughters and their surrendering arms will end the security challenges we have in the Ohaji/Egbema, Awara and the rest of the areas where people have been on self-exile for many years.”

He added: “Today, we are welcoming back our brothers and sisters who have remained in the creeks and forest for so many years, perpetuating all kinds of evil, killing and maiming human beings.

“But today, glory to God, these our children have decided on their own to come back to the society and be part of the society.

“They are doing so on their own, surrendering arms which they have used in committing criminal activities for what they called expression of grievances of different sorts.

“We, as a government, are happy, particularly that these young boys and girls will now come back as good citizens of Imo State. We are here to receive them and listen to them. What they say today will determine the role of government in assisting them and making sure they become good citizens once more. It is the wish of the Niger Delta people to welcome you back as good citizens.”

The governor recalled that three weeks ago, Don Waney was killed. Most of these boys are his colleagues and generals in the bush. Today, we are gladdened that the lives of these boys have not been left in the hands of the military and police who would have wasted them but today they are being reintegrated into our society to become good citizens,” he said, adding:

”We as a government that is sensitive to the plight of the people are here to intervene before the matter gets out of hand. Last year and last two years, we did a similar exercise and most of those youths are now doing well.”

“We want to remove terror from Ohaji/Egbema. This is one of my campaign promises that I will change the lives of Ohaji/Egbema people. Terror is going out from the region. These are the children that drove away their traditional rulers, parents and brothers but today the story is different. We don’t want to hear the stories of Avengers and Don Waney again.

“The state has forgiven them and will subsequently give their names to the Federal Government for amnesty.”

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