EDITORIAL: Delta Waterways And Land Security Committee, Providing More Worries Than Solutions

By Our Editorial Board

Senator (Dr) Ifeanyi  Okowa, the Executive Governor of Delta State during his campaign for the governorship position in 2015, tutored all that the major responsibility of a state governor is to secure lives and properties in the state.

The above made him the people’s choice and eventually earned him the governorship position in the state

To further demonstrate the above belief as well as promote the peaceful coexistence among Deltans, he, in November 2015, inaugurated a 69 man security committee, with Mr. Boro Opudu as Chairman.

A committee he christened ‘Delta State Waterways and Land Security Committee’ and charged with the responsibility of enhancing peace and security in the state through information and intelligence gathering. He also urged the committee to collaborate with other security agencies in the state when discharging its duties.

The above development, as at that material time, gave Deltans hope as they described the move as a right step taken in the right direction.

But with two years into the life of the Boro Opudu led committee, GbaramatuVoice has gathered that tongues are already wagging and tears are flowing, making Deltans to ask if it was that same special bride that funfair heralded her coming.

Our newspaper has since gathered that majority of Deltans have this notion because the operation of this security committee has highhandedness and brutish effects on their victims as trademarks.

The newspaper is also concerned that Delta State Waterways and Land Security Committee is performing every other function except what it was established to perform.

We arrived at the above conclusion having had the unfortunate opportunities of listening to people who share their tales of woes, courtesy of their encounter with the members of this committee.

To us, the above situation calls for concern and may warrant our call on the state governor to again, pay a disciplined attention to the activities of this committee.

We advanced this position knowing very well that no matter how beautiful a strategy looks, there is always the need for a periodic evaluation of such strategy.

We also stand on this position with the conviction that any group that is not properly monitored is usually exposed to abuse. This, the people have witnessed very recently.

Again, GbaramatuVoice observed that what could have prepared the foundation for this challenge was the state governor’s silence on the relationship that is expected between the people and this security committee.

This silence, maybe, may have made this committee to misconstrue their operation to mean the application of force in the discharge of their daily duties.

This development like others has again thrown up further issues which  border on the need for  the following;

That the way and manner this committee members carry out their duties needs to be addressed in order not to be infiltrated by other criminally minded elements in the state.

It is our opinion that this act of parading the nooks and crannies of the state with armed men brandishing their weapons without proper means of identification be discouraged by the state governor.

Again, Deltans would like to know if the committee is maintaining the 69 man membership as constituted or have co-opted more personnel’s to assist in one specialized role or the other.

We raised the above having watched recently the legion of people parading the streets and towns intimidating and victimizing Deltans all in the name of their membership of the Delta State Waterways and Land Security Committee

To us at GbaramatuVoice, they cannot all be members of the committee as we have counted well over 69 in recent times as part of our investigative journalism demands.

What the governor should not fail to remember is that, when it comes to the issue of security handling, gaps and assumptions should not for any reason be entertained.

Hence, it is our objectified opinion that the governor takes a pragmatic step to close these gaps that have become visibly visible in the management of this laudable initiative by becoming directly involved in the monitoring and supervision of this committee.

Again, another security challenge in the state that have become a source of worry to Deltans is the proliferation of different vigilante groups.

We have observed and heard people complained about the illegal, illegitimate and nefarious activaties of these groups.

Deltans would want to know if this administration is behind their creation and existence.

If in affirmation, what  role are they performing that the police and the security committee could not be strengthened to perform?

We again raise this issue as the watchdog of the society. Their operations as we have observed could best be described as high-handed.

On the other hand, if the state government is not behind their creation or is unaware of their existence, Deltans will appreciate the government’s urgent intervention before the activities of this yet-to-be officially identified groups degenerate to a state of anarchy.

Taking the above steps, we are convinced, will provide a better and more prosperous Delta state.

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