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Delta 2023: IYC thanks Okowa, says it’s turn of Ijaw

2023: Okowa free to choose successor - Ijaw leader

By Shina Badmus

Ijaw Youth Council, IYC, has stated its stance on behalf of the Ijaw nation that Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State would always be supported on his posture to be on the fence during 2023 governorship election in the state.

In a press release a fortnight and signed by President, IYC worldwide, Pereotubo Oweilaemi, Esq., the group charged Okowa to walk his talk as this would write his name on the marble.

The group urged the governor to sustain his Stronger Delta initiative and make sure the people are not bereft of infrastructural dividends.

According to the statement, “On behalf of the Ijaw nation, IYC heartily commends His Excellency, Sen. Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State for pledging to take a neutral stand on the Delta 2023 gubernatorial election.

“The governor’s position has proved once again to Deltans that he is a statesman whose leadership credentials are for the well being of Delta people.

“IYC calls on the Governor to maintain his neutral position all throughout his second tenure as God Almighty, He alone installs a leader.

“Delta State is the finger of God. It is not out of place if Okowa said only God knows who will succeed him in 2023.

“Of course his neutrality will further strengthen ethnic cohesion among Deltans and the ruling party’s chances of retaining the government beyond 2019.”

The group urged Okowa to scribble his name on the sand of history with his position of allowing God to prevail during the 2023 governorship election in the state.

The group said, “Governor Okowa has a duty to scribble his name in the golden plate of history by allowing the will of God to prevail in 2023.

“Crisis of confidence, insecurity and political disharmony is rife in states where the ruling government choose to impose his will on the people.

“Deltans do not want such political acrimony in the state. The Smart Governor should therefore focus on delivering his Stronger Delta mantra.

“There is no doubt, Deltans will benefit more if he chooses to focus on his mandate as he has promised, to give the people the needed dividends of democracy.

“IYC reiterate its earlier call that it is the Ijaws’ turn to produce the next governor of the State. The office of the governor should rotate among the major ethnic groups in the state in order to give each tribes a sense of belonging.

“The Ijaw people who produce the bulk of wealth for the state should also be allowed to taste the government power.

“It’s politically inchoate if we are being treated as second fiddle human beings in a state that is benefiting immensely from us.

“As the single second largest ethnic group in the state, we will not be allowed to be politically emasculated.

“We therefore urge our sons and daughters in Delta State to recharge their courses on attaining the seat of governance come 2023.

“The entire Ijaw nation is standing behind Delta Ijaw people for the actualization of this dream.”

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