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COVID-19: Right initiative has been taken at the top, says Olaye

By Ebi Perekeme 

A renowned environmental expert from Warri South West LGA of Delta State in Gbaramu Kingdom, Engr Messiah Doupade Olaye
has described President Muhammadu Buhari’s approach to the war against Covid-19 as proactive and laced with readiness and willingness to help Nigerian citizens to conquer the battle and to curb the further spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic in the country.

Doupade Olaye who spoke to Daily Independent correspondent in Warri observed during his speech that now President Buhari has done the right thing by ordering the disbursement of funds, another critical and relevant thing to be done is to ensure that the money goes round all the States in the spirit of fairness equity and Justice which is one of the fundamental pillars of this government in the war against corruption.

The environmental expert opined that the Nigerian government under the leadership correctly understood the precarious nature of the threat at hand and so decided to tackle it with every thing at its disposal adding that, since the right initiative has been taken at the top, Nigerians should not do anything negative to the rules of the game that can jeopardise government effort towards the success of the Covid-19 battle against humanity.

While expressing reservation on how difficult it could be to access the riverine communities in the midst of aquatic domains with this kind of funds and relief materials released by Mr. President, Engr Messiah advised all officials who are in the corridors of power at any level in the three tiers of government to go the extra mile to ensure that those people tucked away from the urban environment are reached with the materials to put a smile on their faces equally, the same way they go to them during elections to canverse for their votes to give everybody a sense of belonging at the commencement of disbursing of the five hundred billion doled out by Mr President.

He insisted that only persons with credible character who have proven their mettle can be trusted to handle this kind of important issue in the National affairs.

When trying to underscore the importance of reaching out to neglected people of the rural riverine Engr Messiah maintained that the Corona Virus attack should be seen as and opportunity by government to locate the rural dwellers in the creeks that lack the presence of Social amenities and ensure that enough relief materials are given to the people in those terrain cut off from government presence.

According to him it will be very absurd to hear of dirty deals and snakes swallowing materials and funds provided by the Federal Government just because someone somewhere refused to do the right thing but to serve his clannish ambition to the detriment of the collective interest as a nation.

He explained that God will be angry with any one who cut corners with the Covid-19 funds because it is the will of God for Nigeria to be healed so if you make yourself a cog in the wheel of progress, that fellow will have himself to blame.

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