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BREAKING: Tension as Itakpe-Warri Train Derails (VIDEO)

Nigeria Railway Corporation suspends 8am train ride in Delta State

In a frightening incident, a train traveling from Itakpe in Kogi State to Ujevwu derailed on Thursday, causing panic among passengers. Among the travelers was popular media personality Taribio Walson Oweifawari, who shared her harrowing ordeal on Facebook.

Oweifawari recounted, “My flight to Yenagoa from Abuja on United Nigeria was cancelled even before I left Yenagoa. So, after the Port Harcourt flight to Abuja was also cancelled at short notice, I decided to return by train.”

She continued, “On our way back today, this is what happened: my coach is VIP and it’s coach 1. The coach immediately after ours is coach 2, and it derailed.”

“Hai, I just kept shouting ‘Jesus’ when it looked like ours was going to tumble. Just a little bit more and that coach would have fallen off the high point, taking our coach with it.”

This derailment has sparked serious concerns regarding the safety of the train services on the Itakpe-Warri route. Calls for an immediate investigation have been made to prevent future incidents.

Details of the incident are still sketchy at the time of filing this report.

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