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BREAKING NEWS: Engr. Ambaiowei resigns as acting president of INC

•Blast Governor Dickson, Aginighan & others

•Says his resignation is long overdue

•Highlights achievments

YENAGOA – The acting President of Ijaw National Congress (INC), umbrella body covering all Ijaws Worldwide, Engr. Ebieridei Charles Ambaiowei MNSE ,have resigned over what he described as  “what cannot be held  together.”

Engr. Ambaiowei disclose this in a letter sent to Gbatamatu Voice Newspaper dated  July, 2016.

Stating the reasons for his resignation, Charles blasted the Executive Governor of Bayelsa State, His Excellency Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson in contributing to the seemingly ceaseless division within the Ijaw National Congress (INC) by openly backing a faction of the INC led by Barr. Boma Obuoforibo in frustrating his alleged legitimate Executive from having access to the Izon-ware in Yenagoa for their meetings while also frowning at the activities of Pastor. P. Z Aginighan, former managing director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) who was said to have accused him of being a thief and corrupt without justification.

The resigning acting President of the group asserted that his resignation is long overdue, in his words. ” I dare say my delayed exit is because since post November 10th, 2015 until today, the Congress has been completely splinted  arising from Barr. Boma Obuoforibo’s recalcitrance of unprecedented levels which the Governor of Bayelsa State has indeed given open support and backing. It is against this backdrop that staying a while to fight on to establish the truth unequivocally as well as stabilize the Congress was again foisted on the legitimate NEC-INC under my second watch as Acting President. Some of our efforts include the conclusion of investigations and the release of the report by the Nigeria Police Force Headquarters (herein attached) and the filing of civil litigation by the INC in a Port Harcourt High Court praying that Obuoforibo be stopped from parading himself as INC President.

He  maintained that his journey into the apex sociocultural group of the Ijaws began in 2009 when he was elected as National Organizing Secretary of the union and rose in subsequent election to become the Vice President of the Council and with the regrettable demise of late. Dr. Tari Sekibo become the acting President of the body. A position he alleged to have held until Barr. Boma emerged as the new President who was later impeached out of office, thus making him becoming the acting President of the INC for the second time.

The out gone INC leader decried the high level of disunity among the Ijaws while praying for the healing of the fourth ethnic group as he alleged that his going out of the way will usher in peace to the Union.

In his letter of resignation, Engr. Ebieridei highlighted some of the achievements under his legitimate leadership. In his words. “I hereby resign from the office of Vice President by virtue of which I was elevated to Acting President on two occasions the office of President became vacant following the demise of the President, Dr. Tari Sekibo and upon the removal/impeachment from office of the President, Barr. Boma Obuoforibo.

“In offering to serve in the National Executive Council (NEC) of the Ijaw National Congress (INC) as National Organizing Secretary (2009 – 2013) and currently as Vice President (2013 – 2017), my only focus, objective and desire is contributing positively to our core mantras: “Ijaw Means Truth” and “Leadership by Service”. Therefore insisting to do the right things, abiding by the INC Constitution and upholding the right principles of the Ijaw struggle are tenets i doggedly pursued; even at the expense of huge un-refunded personal financial contributions. I also suffered discomforts, persecutions, blackmails and ill treatments with my team which have its fair share of lacking cohesion. It is painful INC Secretariat staff salary is owed for 22 months, the Port Harcourt secretariat rent is not paid for the April 2016 – April 2017 tenancy and we are fully deprived of using Ijaw House, Yenagoa by officials of Bayelsa State Government.

“On November 10, 2015 i made it crystal clear to the Leader and Deputy Leader of NRC, as soon as the Investigative Panel Report on Barr. Boma Obuoforibo was ratified (at the No. 65B Sani Abacha Link Road, GRA, Port Harcourt Secretariat of the Congress) that upon the commencement of the process of electing a new President within 60days, i shall resign to make way for filling the offices of President and Vice President with fresh persons. The Chairman and Secretary of the NRC Investigative Panel, National Secretary, National Publicity Secretary, National Legal Adviser and the Chairman of Eastern Zone EXCO all bore witness. My resignation is therefore fulfilling the deeply reflected, reviewed and examined proclamation. My word of honour is not rescinded. It should also further prove that I am not contending to serve as Ex-Officio in the next NEC of the INC. I find no Constitutional status even conferring such on an Acting President after leaving office; therefore i wouldn’t oblige it even if offered on a platter of gold. It is also to ensure that my intentions are not misunderstood to mean that I am attempting to perpetuate myself in office as Acting President through my efforts to ensure that the likes of Boma Obuoforibo and his sponsors are not allowed to destroy the legacies and noble intentions of the founding fathers of INC. That is why it is now time to leave.

“Our recent travails arising from actions and inactions of our people were avoidable. Instead, key Ijaw players in the recent and present federal and state government (especially Bayelsa State) helped in all ramifications not to abate the issues. We are a deeply divided people. The dynamics of Ijaw struggle/agenda as meaningful, positive, ennobling and altruistic pursuits under Military rule have dramatically changed to selfish, destructive and money/power grabbing ventures in Civil Democracy accentuated by political parties ephemeral loyalties and divides. I dare put it on record that no visible and feasible efforts to resolve issues came from the Governor of Bayelsa State, former Presidents and N-CITRE’s 7 Member Peace and Reconciliation Committee setup on 21st February, 2014 with King A.P Diete-Spiff as Chairman. The NEC-INC under Acting President Joshua Benamaisia was sued in a Yenagoa High Court by Chief FJ Williams and we won. Mr. Mitin Tamaramieyefa and others of Oporomor clan in Ekeremor LGA, Bayelsa State also sued NEC-INC under me as Acting President prior to Obuoforibo’s election and we reached a settlement judgment which recognized additional clans. Furthermore, Udengs Eradiri instituted a suit over the tainted IYC NEC elections against Dr. Tari Sekibo, Sir Theodore Ezonfade and myself as officials of INC and as individuals. The rest is indelible history as Dr. Sekibo slumped and died on the 18th November, 2013 in the process of being served the summons of the Udengs suit by Court Bailiffs in Government House, Yenagoa. Please note also the INC BOT Chairman led Ijaws Elders communiqué published early February 2014 on the IYC crisis resolution.

“Consequently the price we are paying include an emboldened group of persons who stoke the fires through crooked electoral processes; unconstitutional dissolution of Zonal Caretakers Executive Committees (on 16th January, 2015 just after Barr. Boma Obuoforibo’s election on 15th January, 2015 didn’t reflect the intended script) which re-constitution as claimed was thankfully overturned by NRC; forged and inserted/altered INC Constitution amendments to achieve automatic membership into BOT for some; outright indiscipline, financial non accountability (2009 – 2013 Financial Secretary yet to handover to current NEC Financial Secretary); insubordination to President/Acting President on occasions; breaching the INC Constitution freely until the center can no longer hold and now it is what cannot be held together.

“It is in this purview of the NRC to be unbiased to act and lay to rest issues of the INC financial non accountability and NEC members who are indicted by reports and/or have serious non performance/misconduct in office and divisive roles glaringly hanging over their heads. Nothing should be swept under the carpet if we must grow healthy and heal from the wounds inflicted by Pastor P.Z Aginighan who had written in Ijaw Nation Forum so unjustifiably to label some of us as thieves and heavily corrupt. Moreover, I hope our people will find the peace we seek with me out of the picture in INC.” The letter reveals.

He however, lamented on the deteriorating schemes of things in the Ijaw National Congress as the body could no longer pay the rent of the Port Harcourt Office for the 2016-2017 tenancy as the group is also owing 22 months of staff salaries while noting the constant abuse and violation of the body’s constitution.

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