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‘Bottled, sachet water exposed to sunlight emit harmful chemicals’ – Rivers Govt warns residents

The Rivers State Government has said harmful chemicals are emitted when bottled water and its equivalent in sachet are exposed to sunlight.

The warning was issued by the state Commissioner for Water Resources, Hon Tamunosisi Gogo Jaja, at the flag-off of the Campaign Against Exposure Of Bottled/Sachet Water To Sunlight.

Speaking at the event, the Commissioner warned businesses against the practice of leaving their water and other plastic-packed products out in the sun or transporting plastic/sachet water in open vans which leave them exposed to sunlight.

He stated that such exposure causes skin diseases, leukaemia, cancer, and an increased mortality rate.

The Commissioner who expressed Governor Wike’s desire to curb the health threat called on critical stakeholders and the press to actively enlighten the public on the need to properly store their products away from the sun and to immediately stop consuming exposed bottled/sachet water.

Stating the Ministry’s renewed effort in improving water quality in the state, he insisted that there would be no cutting corners in the quality of water made available to people of the state.

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