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BBNaija ‘Double Wahala’: Viewers displeased with `Biggie’s voice

Some Television viewers of the ongoing Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) “Double Wahala’ reality show, have taken to twitter to register their displeasure over the `change’ of Big Brother’s a.k.a `Biggie’ voice.

They stated that the change from a deep baritone voice used in last season to this season’s calmer voice is disrupting the fun of the show.

‘Biggie’, acts as the official owner of the house as he views all the housemates, makes the rules and moderates discussions in the diary room.

A tweeter handler, @TiGerFame tweeted: “Biggie, this voice no work. You people should reconcile with whoever owns the real voice and bring him back. If he is dead invoke his spirit.”

@mbalsea said: “How can housemates take the tasks serious when Biggie’s voice is a joke?”

@iamxeenia tweeted: “Please we all hate Biggie’s voice. Can they change it for the viewers’ sake? The viewer’s opinion is more important.”

@closelywatching said: “Dear BBN organisers, I really wish you wouldn’t ignore the sincere pleas of fans to change this Biggie. It is beyond his voice.”

@cwayachirps wrote: “This voice is embarrassing and a morale killer.

“This Biggie’s voice lacks command, lacks sexy tone, and lacks everything the other Biggie had. They better get auto tune working in that studio.”

Similarly, some twitter users are advocating for DJ Bally, one of the housemates from last season, to replace the current voice.

It should be recalled that Biggie in the ‘See Gobe’ version of the BBNaija had a deep, authoritative baritone that attracted the attention of the fans during his stay in the competition.

@Festygareth wrote: “We need Bally’s voice to replace small biggie.”

@cwayachirps wrote: “Bally would have been given this ‘Biggie’ contract if there is no money to pay the former one.”

Several polls have been carried out on twitter for followers to vote if they disliked the new voice.

On Friday, over 3000 votes have been gathered from combined polls.

BBNaija ‘Double Wahala’, begun on Sunday with 20 housemates competing for 45 million Naira worth of prizes.


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