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Bayelsa NUT gives government ultimatum over salary

The Bayelsa State Chapter of the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) has issued an ultimatum to join the national body in ongoing strike, if government fails to pay up salaries owed teachers in the state.

The ultimatum, according to the state chapter of the NUT was necessitated because they have waited long, yet government was dilly-dialing in responding to their plight.

This contained in a statement signed by the state chairman, Comrade Tonpre Kalama and made available to journalists in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa capital.

Tonpre noted that in view of the condition of teachers, it amounts to insensitivity on the part of government to delay in paying their salaries.

He pointed that should the ultimatum elapse, notification would be sent to teachers in the state to down tools for a total strike action to press home their demand for their emoluments.

The state NUT boss, regretted a situation where teachers ought to be treasured for their vital role in educating pupils, but rather they are always at the receiving end, even as condemned the usual slogan “Teachers reward is in heaven.”

According to him, just as others are fending for their families and sending their children to primary and tertiary institutions, teachers are also saddled with these responsibilities as family heads of their various homes.

Tonpre, however, called on the state government to revert back and proffer solution to teacher’s plight, as it was in their interest that pupils get unfettered access to quality learning.

To this end, he alluded that while the executive and members continue to exercise patient, if government refuses to respond timely, pending the ultimatum, they would not hesitate to join the national body for a full blown strike action.


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