Avengers Renewed Threats: It is time to defeat the group with development

By GbaramatuVoice Editorial Board

In the security circle, it is an established dictum that “killing a battalion is mere wickedness but defeating a troop without injury is the real victory.”  This age-long principle has informed why the military cum security operatives are always proactive in their actions.

But the above age-long aphorism is no longer limited to the security circle but now generally applied in governance/leadership; a principle which we are aware the Federal Government of Nigeria must have internalized.

However, the recent threat by the Niger Delta Avengers to renew their hostility in the oil-rich Niger Delta region and the nation’s economic stay and the Federal Government undeserving silence to us as a media group runs contrary to the tenets of the above principle.

GbaramatuVoice as a responsible and responsive group expects the Federal Government to take steps that will avert the consequence that is associated with the threat before it is carried out.

We have, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility monitored the commendable efforts the Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF) is making to avert this wanton destruction of lives and properties that will invariably affect our economy adversely and naturally should have expected the Federal Government to act in the same direction.

The region has witnessed so much hostility that left in its trails tears, sorrows, and blood, and may not want to witness such at this critical moment.

Consequently, one thing in our opinion, we would like to bring to the notice of the Federal Government, is the fact that the   Niger Delta Avengers will continue to fight because they are tired of being perpetual victims of state-sponsored poverty and human degradation visited on them. From all indications, they may be ready and committed to peace by any means necessary, but may not want to be committed to becoming the victims of peace.

Therefore, it is our opinion that the only way to defeat this group is by instituting a massive infrastructural development in the region as the government perpetual neglect in the region is the only grouse they hold against the government.

To get this development revolution kick-started, the Federal Government should look beyond the Niger Delta Ministry and the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and get directly involved. This should be a needed practical and pragmatic step to take.

To further support the above, some of the traditional rulers in the region recently called on the Federal Government to make effort to get the Nigerian Maritime University (NMU) kick-started.

The Federal Government in getting the above right, as well as re-visit and commence with the immediate implementation of the 16-point development agenda as submitted to the Federal Government by the Pan Niger Delta Forum will completely calm the tension down and who knows, Avengers threat may in the same vein fizzle out.

To us at GbaramatuVoice, doing this will in no small measure assist in the restoration of the confidence that is lacking while helping in healing the already strained relationship between the people of the region and the Federal Government.

Finally, it is our position that the Federal Government breaks this unwarranted silence and goes round the hub to find a pragmatic solution to the Niger Delta challenge with the sole intention of reaching a truce with all the agitators littered in the Niger Delta region.


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