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As Mama Amoguye Timiyan, mother of the Ebenanaowei of Ogulagha goes home in a blaze of glory

Ijaw nation across the world sets to pay last respect to Mama Timiyan in Ogulagha kingdom 

As Mama Amoguye Timiyan, mother of the Ebenanaowei of Ogulagha goes home in a blaze of glory

As the entire Ijaw nation stands still for the departing Late Chief Mrs (Mama) Princess Amoguye Angelina Timiyan (Nee Diegbegha) Alias AMEN, mother of His Royal Majesty, Elder (Capt.) Dr. Joseph I. Timiyan (JP), Ebenanaowei of Ogulagha Kingdom and Chairman, Delta Ijaw Traditional Rulers Council, who will be committed to the mother earth on Saturday, November 5, 2022, the GbaramatuVoice family joins prominent Ijaw sons and daughters across the world to stand in awe and bid farewell to the Amazon of our time.

Until her death, Mama was the Ebike Ogulagha-Ibe Miyen-Ere of Ogulagha kingdom and regarded as a beacon of hope to all around her and role model to womanhood.

So many reasons prompted this commentary.

Aside from her towering foot print left in the sand of time, a peep into her personal achievements and the family she left behind, it will explain the reason behind our decision to describe her as an amazon.

She scored so many firsts during her stay on earth.

What you should know about her

Born on the 17th day of August 1940 into the families of Late HRH Diegbegha Sagha a renowned Clan Head of Ogulagha Kingdom of Kpesigba-Idumu in Obotobo Community, Ogulagha Kingdom and Peredoubodo/Amaware quarters in Obotebe Community, Obotebe Kingdom all of Burutu LGA and Okoroware quarters of Isaba Community in Isaba Kingdom Warri South West Local Government Area Delta State, Erubiri Quatres, Arogbo community in Arogbo Kingdom, Ondo State and Late Mrs Yorobu Diebegha (Nee Abiri) in Aponu quarters Kiagbodo, Ogini-Idumu of Ofonibengha, Okoloba and Emadadja Communities in Burutu and Udu Local Government Areas of Delta State.


Mama was born at a time when formal education was rare, especially in the Riverine areas of Niger Delta but Mama was among the few in her days to have a primary education. She attended Sagha Primary School, Saghagbene which was a Local Authority (LA) Primary School between 1948–1954 and she successfully obtained her first school leaving certificate. Thereafter Mama humbly joined her parents in their businesses of trading Local Gin popularly called Ogogoro and farming which gave her a strong business background that made her excel until her death.


In 1961, Mama met her Husband Late Chief Tekeprekumor Ezekiel Timiyan of Torubobou Quarters in Obotobo Community and Brawei/Keneka /Akereware Quarters of Ogulagha Community in Ogulagha Kingdom, Burutu Local Government Area and Agugu Quarters in Kokodiagbene Community as well as Abai Quarters in Igoba Community, Gbaramatu Kingdom, Warri South West Local Government Area respectively, all of Delta State.

Mama was married to Late Chief Tekeprekumor Ezekiel Timiyan in 1961, who was a renowned Community leader and a businessman and was on the same line of business with Mama’s Father. Mama enjoyed her marriage for over 40 years.

She was a woman of substance, a role model, a prayer warrior, hardworking woman, a goal getter, outspoken, sincere, accommodating, truthful, loving and a caring mother to her children and others alike. Mama lived and loved faithfulness in marriages, where she counsel young women to honour their union of marriage by sticking to a partner irrespective of the challenges of marriage.

She had a strong dislike for intimidation, oppression and divorce of marriages which was part of her upbringing and belief in Christian faith.

She lived happily and peacefully with her husband, supporting him in his entire business and also taking care of her home and families. She gained more skills and knowledge, and decided to start-up her own business with the permission and support of her husband who was so dear to her. Mama was very happy, she loved all and was also loved by all. After the demise of her husband in June 2001, she was baptised in the Lord and was a faithful member of St. John Catholic Church, Obotobo community in Ogulagha Kingdom. Mama stayed true to her families and remained faithful to the family of Late Chief Tekeprekumor Ezekiel Timiyan as a wife until her death.


After the death of her husband, she continued in her business and was very focused, smart, strong and hardworking. She was able to exercise the skills and knowledge gained from her parental up-bringing and that of her husband. She worked tirelessly and faced all the risk and challenges of business with passion and dedication. Mama’s business began to grow through her relationship with others, she travelled through the Niger Delta in exchange of Goods and Services.

Even in old age, Mama’s business influence and skills began to expand, although she maintained her aged long business of selling local gin, beside which she had a chain of businesses ranging from Mini supermarket, Pharmacy, Bar and Restaurant as well as Hotel for Lodging and accommodation. Mama was an employer of labour in her businesses, she had well over twenty (20) staff in her payroll in various departments of her businesses. She was a prominent member of the Ogulagha Kingdom Caterers Association. Mama was a wealthy woman and was never a liability to her children until her death.


Besides being a business entrepreneur, Mama was also a Community Leader and she rose to be the number one leader of Saghagbene Community and later the chairlady of Obotobo community in Ogulagha Kingdom between 2005 – 2009. During this period, Mama was so blessed, favoured among women by God Almighty to witness her first Son, “HRM Capt. Elder, King Joseph Ijawperebo Timiyan JP (Ph.D)”, been chosen and crowned as the King of Ogulagha Kingdom in 2005. Mama enjoyed all the benefits and protection as the mother of a great king of the ancient Ogulagha kingdom for over sixteen years before her death. She was also very fortunate to see her children and grand children to be trained within and outside the Country. Some of which are holders of doctorate degrees (Ph.D), Masters Degree, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Pastors, Captains, Engineers, BS.c and HND holders before she died.

Mama became the first female Chief in the history of Ogulagha kingdom with the title “Ebike Ogulagha-Ibe-Miyen-ere of Ogulagha kingdom” and served as Ogulagha kingdom woman leader till her death. Mama was very strong and healthy, her memory was still very intact. She was the family-dictionary where everyone came to obtain the true history of past happenings.

Mama struggled to train and bring up her children and in return enjoyed her children till she passed on peacefully on the 30th day of August 2022 at the ripe age of 82 years.

Mama was survived by four (4) Sons and a daughter, 73 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren, many Brothers, Sisters and other family members too numerous to mention.

Mama, your children will miss you, your families will miss you, the entire Community, Kingdom and Niger Delta at large will miss you, particularly for your prayers, care, love and hospitality. We love you but God Almighty loves you more.

Rest on CHIEF MRS (MAMA) PRINCESS AMOGUYE ANGELINA TIMIYAN (NEE DIEGBEGHA). You will always be in our thoughts and in our hearts. Adieu!!! Mama.

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