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As events marking the coronation ceremony of the Tubutoru monarch began in Taribo community, of Ondo State in Odigbo Local Government Area commence yesterday, Gbaramatu Voice Newspaper dispatches its reporters to cover the coronation ceremony.


The journey took our team of reporters three hours to arrived at the ancient community, it was indeed an adventurous one as the marathon journey made us to experience different communities that where hitherto new to us.

At first from Warri to ring road in Benin, the capital of Edo State, from there we proceeded to Ogide Barrack in Benin and from there we embarked upon another journey to Siloko community that lasted more than an hour and finally from Siloko boarded a 200 horse power speed boat to Taribo community the traditional headquarters of Tubutoru Kingdom where the three days ceremony on the coronation of her new King had already began before our arrival.


Siloko community is seemingly the last town in Edo State in that route that demarcates Ondo and Edo.

It is like a boarder town between the two states. It is motorable, the road is such a smooth and wonderful one, when questions where asked on who constructed it, it was revealed to our correspondence that it was the Oshiomole’s administration that constructed it. Kudos to him for the road.

The inhabitants of the community is a mixture of Edo people and Ijaws of the State, seeing how people from such far place speaking the Ijaw dialect surely made us feel at home. We mingled with them briefly as if we are from the community.

It was indeed nice to know the existence of such communities. The Ijaw nation is truly one big nation.


Taribo Community is the headquarters of Tubutoru Kingdom in Odigbo Local Government Area of Ondo State.

It was said that the Ijaw speaking people of Tubutoru Kingdom was formerly under the Furopagha Kingdom in Edo State.

We also learnt that Taribo has been in existence since the 17th century, to give credence to that, the only dilapidating primary school, St. Timothy brought by the (Christ Missionary Society, CMS) is still visibly standing in a very bad condition.

The community also have a bore hole project powered by the Energy Commission of Nigeria, Abuja and was contracted to the “Jjugal Investments Nig. Ltd”. It is also worthy of note that the project is not working as it is only standing without rendering any impact to the community.

Taribo, according to the community historians is the headquarters and the largest in Tubutoru Kingdom.

Politically and traditionally speaking, the entire Kingdom is made of over 19 communities and has been pressed into one ward.

Taribo, the headquarters of the Kingdom has one unit and at present, the Councilor presently representing the ward is from Taribo community, findings also reveals that he has been in that office for two consecutive times.


There is no light in the community, all basic social amenities seems to be lacking in the town, the only light we saw was provided by a worthy son of the community, Mr. Ekomieyefa Uduboh who is said to be maternally from the said town.

His sound proof generator is being used to extend light to some part of the community that makes it brighter at night

Owing to the Philanthropic nature of Mr. Uduboh, the people sees him as a God sent to them, the little we saw no doubt convinced us as well.

His strong resolve in making sure that this remote community is being liberated from the shackles of underdevelopment is indeed worthy of celebrating him as a hero of the town. Such human species are not common in the Nigerian nation.


It is crucial to note that there is no network in the community to ease communication, inhabitants struggled to hang their phones on specific places before they could get “Glo Network ” that is on its part not reliable and strong enough to browse, there are times that one can’t even make calls with it.

The people travelled to neighbouring Siloko community in Ovia South West Local Government Area of Edo State to get a fairly better glo network.

It is a seven minutes drive with a 200 horse power engine speed boat from Siloko to Taribo community.


The new monarch will be addressed as his Royal Majesty, Oguruyeke, Okirimini 1, of Tubutoru Kingdom.

The journey to the coronation of the new King at the moment is at its peak, the four days event has began yesterday, traditional rites are being observed throughout yesterday and up to this moment is still being observed.

It was gathered that the King designate will offer a total of nine male rams as sacrifice for their gods, to cleans the land of any evil.

This is the second day of the traditional rites, six male rams have been offered so far and tomorrow will rap off this segment.

The King designate also prayed for sons and daughters of the Kingdom who may have done something wrong in one way or the other.

Traditional rites where carried out to purify such subjects.

The Kingdom will continue to observe these traditional rites until on Thursday when the event will finally come to an end with the coronation of her new King.

On the day of coronation, the King will for the last time in his life according to the tradition of the people, perform such things like fishing, breaking of firewood, taping of palm wine and other traditional rites.


If not for the magnanimous show of love showered on the community by their illustrious son, Mr. Ekomieyefa, only God knows what would have become of this community, life would have been so terrible and terrifying. The people of Taribo are truly lucky to have such a reformer as their son in the person of Mr. Ekomieyefa Uduboh.

These are people that are nearly forgotten by the Ondo State government for so many years, the primary school is indeed a terrible sight to behold.

But with the coronation of her new King, hopes are now high as it is believed that the monarch will use his revered office to attract development to the entire Kingdom.


The people so far within these two days have shown high sense of hospitality and unprecedented level of friendliness to its visitors.

Everywhere is peaceful and calm. A blend of mobile policemen are walking around the community providing security.

The major source of livelihood in the community is cocoa farming and fishing.

For a very long time we were able to see cocoa trees, the fruits and how it is being processed.

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