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A Letter To My Love, My Friend, My Wife

By Ebikonde Victor Sokoto

It doesn’t take an anniversary for me to acknowledge the blessing of God upon my life. Waking up with you by my side each day exemplifies the faithfulness of God and His mercies and unprecedented favour towards my household and me. I couldn’t have asked for more of God’s favour other than finding you as a lifelong partner. You are God’s goodness to me – unsearchable treasure. To the moon and back, I won’t love you less.

Engr. & Mrs Ebikonde Sokoto

On this day that God saw my loneliness and saw you as the right match for me to fulfil destiny: from me to you.

Take this:

1. It is together forever. The ‘Ebikonde Empire’ that you envisage and support is possible. Thank you for imparting me with the spirit of courage and boldness to dare. At times I am scared of the big dreams but your choice and kind words echo strength into my being. Thank you being a true confidant and for pushing me to reach for more.

2. You are a genius. I cannot discount the gift of God as Apostle Paul admonished Timothy not to do so as well. People at times ask me and also wonder how I successfully combine the rigours of business, schooling, the inevitable demands of leadership, family and social engagements. When I am asked this question, I often smile and reply, “It is the grace of God.” However I know deep down within me that the grace of God upon me is implanted and distributed to me through someone as a blessing, to strengthen my weakness; and that’s you. Love you. You are my better half. My rib in the hand of God produced a miracle (You).

3. The blessing of God upon our lives has shown that we were designed for each other. God has given us the reward for two and baby ‘Crown’ is a proof of this priceless blessing (God’s timely hSokoto0

4. Thank you for loving me and our baby and the entire family. Your quiet time in your secret (prayers) is accomplishing incredible things in my life. Thank you for keeping the house. The balance is obvious. With God as the officiating minister and you praying with me, I am sure of winning. You remain my everyday championship league trophy magic.

Note this: on this auspicious occasion of your birth anniversary, you are an asset to the world. God got you. Crown got you. We are together to walk and make manifest God’s grand design for our lives and it can only get better.

My prayer today for you is the grace and needed divine empowerment for you to fulfil destiny. Favour shall be your everyday song as your path continues to drop fatness. Enjoy long live, peace, prosperity and another 365 days of unstoppable laughter.

God bless you my friend, and darling wife, Preye Jero-Ebikonde; Happy Birthday. Many more fruitful years to celebrate!

From your lovely friend and husband, Ebikonde Victor Sokoto.

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