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2023 Presidency: Nigerian witches say, PDP will take over power from APC

2023 Presidency: Nigerian witches say,  PDP will take over power from the APC

After many days of meetings particularly in the northern part of the country, Association of White Witches Association of Nigeria (AWWAN) on Friday revealed that despite the unprecedented number of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Presidential aspirants that have obtained forms for the plum position of the president of Nigeria, the main opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP), would take over power next year.

The group said that incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari would disappoint all his loyalists because he will not “bend” the rule to favour anybody but will be committed to allowing the will of Nigerians to prevail by freely voting for their choice candidate.

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This much was disclosed by the spokesman of the group, Dr. Iboi Okhue in an exclusive telephone interview on Friday night.

Iboi said that PDP stands a better chance of clinching the presidency if members can put their acts together and chat a common front, adding that the outcome of the party’s convention would be a determining factor on how the party would fare in the real elections.

“PDP will take over power from the APC. But members of the party must come together and work very hard to achieve that. They should put their differences behind them and work for the success of the party. President Buhari will disappoint a lot of his loyalists because he will not bend any rule to favor any particular person. The President wants the vote of Nigerians to count”, he said.

Speaking on the continued bloodshed in the country, Iboi said the group just “concluded a tedious assignment that involved travelling to many northern states to preach peace to everyone that the bloodletting in the country must stop.

“In Maiduguri, we discovered that there are so many saboteurs in the Nigerian Army. These saboteurs are the ones who show the bandits and terrorists the way whenever they want to visit their targets to wreck the havoc in those places.

“We have concluded the arrangement for these saboteurs to be exposed and arrested. Nigerians will soon be shocked of what will happen to these evil people. They will be caught one after another. And our prayer is that when they are caught, nobody should play politics or ethnic sentiment with that”.

The witches’ spokesman disclosed that several sacrifices were done in Taraba, Plateau, Zamfara, Sokoto and other states to stem the tide of the rising wave of terrorist attacks in northern Nigeria, saying that it was in Yola, Adamawa state that they were given conditions by the indigenous witches there.

“In Yola, the witches there told us clearly that if we wanted an end to bloodshed in Nigeria, the country should make one of their sons the next President. It was there that the name of Atiku Abubakar came up again. We told them that will be discussed when the person in question visit us but the most important thing is for everybody to work for the peace of this country. We have seen enough bloodshed of innocent Nigerians already. It must stop”.

Iboi stated that the weeklong trip to the flashpoint states ended with a meeting at Zuma Rock where prayers were offered for a lasting peace in Nigeria and eventual end to senseless killings of Nigerians by criminal bandits and terrorists.

He revealed that two days to the PDP presidential primaries, the Association would tell Nigerians the man that would win the sole ticket of the party and eventually be voted by Nigerians as the next president in 2023.

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