2019: Why APC May Crash In Delta Again

An African adage has it that, from the way the chimpanzee walks, you will discover without much labour, that, it’s not a happy creature.

In like manner, the current posturing of the nation, following a four years waiting for the promised ‘change’ and excruciating poverty that followed, one may afterwards not need a prophecy to situate that, like Nigerians in other states, Deltans are asking to be excused to enter 2019 with a new dream on their minds, and head to the polls with a different mentality than they had in 2015.

These vast majority of Deltans, looking at commentaries, have, as part of their new found knowledge, expressed regrets over their 2015 political miscalculations and are now angling to correct the mistake come 2019 general election via a re-prioritized support structure.

To these class of Deltans, their grouse is simple and they have become ecumenical in their resolve to, but, democratically ensure that the party many described as eloquent in promises but inept in fulfillment do not extend its hands of ‘fellowship’ to Delta state.

But, for a better understanding of this piece, it will be imperative at this juncture to state the following; first, that I am neither for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) nor for the All Progressives Congress (APC) (the major gladiators in the state).

Secondly, like the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the All Progressives Congress in the state is equally blessed with reputable Deltans who are formidably desirable and eminently qualified to govern the state if given the opportunity.

In the same breath, it is worthy of note that this interminable difficulty fueling this skepticism against the party may be unconnected with the fact that Delta is predominantly a PDP state or faults of the APC members in the state, but stems from the proverbial sin of the father; the All Progressives Congress-led Federal Government.

Thus, this cross, this chunk of albatross which are largely products of President Muhammadu Buhari’s inactions, economic mismanagement, impunity, inconsistency in policy formulation and implementation, and inability of the administration to stamp out corruption in the country, is what the APC led FG willed for  its state chapter, and they have gladly accepted it’.

From observations, the most fundamental obstacle fanning this face-off is the belief by Deltans that the FG has led Nigerians to a state of confusion; to the extent that distinguishing between delusion and reality has become difficult.

Like in other parts of the country, such has compelled Deltans across tribal/ethnic divides to resolve that even if they fail to democratically unseat the party at the centre core 2019, they will not allow it residing in the Delta state government to replicate their inability in underwriting social justice or supported social mobility in Nigeria four years after.

Against this backdrop, what is considered an albatross to the opposition party in the state has turned out to be a blessing to the Senator (Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa’s led administration; as it is now perceived/accepted as the only credible choice that has provided Deltans with the direction out of the twisted political pew as created at the national level.

While this table of ideology is echoed by the critical stakeholders, others are of the views that Governor Okowa may not have solved the multi-faceted challenges facing the state, but, remain a more credible option when compared with what is happening at the centre.

However, it appears that the shoddy performance at the Federal level may not be the only obstacle standing between the APC and the Delta state government house as critical minds have since pointed out that the party’s penchant for disobeying the rule of law is another reason why Deltans may not have anything to do with them come 2019. Still fresh in their memories is the ill-advised release of the alleged treasury looters identities.

Apart from the asymmetrical posturing of the list which excluded its associates that were hitherto members of the opposition charged with the same offence, Deltans are particularly not happy that it’s coming from a government even when section 36(5) of the 1999 constitution (as amended) clearly stated  that ‘every person who is charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent until he is proved guilty’. A state of affairs that has necessitated the question as to why the FG is resorting to self-help by coming out with such names that are not yet convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Similar to the above reason why a cross-section of Deltans are angling to give the All Progressive Congress red card, is the FG’s inability to keep to the promises made in 2015, that the administration will create a climate of opinion in the country that will look upon corruption in public offices as a threat to the society, another reason that drew the irk of Nigerians as the administration has instead, plundered and plummeted the country into more corruption while leaving our economy to walk in the valley of the shadow of death.

The high rate of insecurity so witnessed across the states of the federation coupled with the inability of the All Progressives Congress-led administration to stop the mindless/thoughtless killings of innocent citizens across the country also propels this sharp reaction against APC as a party in the state.

Although it is not as if the APC as a party is not making efforts to move the nation forward, discerning minds are however, of the views that it will be socioeconomically costly going with APC as the risk associated with that ‘gamble’ outweighs the gains.

Despite the popularity of this opinion as advanced, some critical watchers, very few of them, are of the views that 2019 is still too long a period for the table to be turned in favour of the APC.

While the waiting game continues, Deltans are equally bracing up for the task ahead.

Jerome-Mario Utomi, writes via jeromeutomi@yahoo.com

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