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•Says Efcc should worry about how Emir Sanusi bought $132m car.

•Patience Jonathan maintains she is yet to be invited for interrogation

•Nothing is wrong for Mrs. Jonathan to have such money

The freezing of former first lady of Nigeria, Mrs. Dame Patience Jonathan’s Bank account with $15M by the Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, have come under a severe attack from Nigerians as they described the attack as uncalled for.

On the part of the President general of Ijaw Youth Council, IYC, Engr. Udengs Eradiri, reveals to Gbaramatu Voice Newspaper in an interview while commenting on the incident stressed that there was nothing wrong for the former first lady to have such money.

“Nothing is wrong because first ladies receive a lot of gifts in cash; she or any other first lady may not do any contract but she recommends people and they come back to say thank you. Show me the law that says thank you is an offence” Eradiri stated

In similar manner, the President of Ijaw Women Connect, IWC, Comr. Rosemary Graham lambasted the fight against corruption, alleging that the anti graft war is one sided, emphasising that allowing the law to take its cause should be the appropriate thing to do and not this political vendetta.

“I think the fight against corruption appears to be one sided and very obvious. There are many corrupt persons in the North, South, East and Western parts of our country but the South South and especially the Ijaws are been persecuted because of former President GEJ who is an Ijaw man and willingly handed over power to the North despite all odds. 

“Why is the EFCC chasing after the immediate past first lady Dame Patience Jonathan over $15 million. Remember, former President Goodluck Jonathan has held several appointments in the last 16 years or thereabouts. From Deputy Governor, to Governor, to Vice President and President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. So it may not be misplaced for the first lady to have access to money in all these elevations mentioned.

Mrs Patience Jonathan
Mrs Patience Jonathan

“What Nigerians and the EFCC should worry about is the likes of Emir Sanusi of Kano State who could afford to buy a Rolls Royce car worth $132million to celebrate just a festive season of two days. Where and how did he get the money should be the concern of the government and his faulty EFCC and not to chase empty shadows.‎

“The former first lady has never wore a wrist watch of $30m. But we have seen in this government how wives of Presidents wearing such expensive wrist watches only for an inauguration ceremony. ‎Their Bureau De Change business is waxing stronger with forex increase as no circulation of dollars in the open market. ‎Come on, we are not fools. For me, I will advise they chase after their shadows and leave the Niger Delta people alone.

“But if the laws discovered otherwise, let the rule of law applies rather than to make sarcastic publications, all in the bid to tarnish the image of the former first lady. Go to court and follow the judicial procedures for prosecution and let her be found guilty by the law. Because it is only the law that can penalize offenders of crimes against the land or state.” Comr. Rosemary asserted.

Meanwhile Patience Jonathan, says the four persons who pleaded guilty to money laundering charges on behalf of the four companies linked to her are mercenaries hired by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

The ex-President’s wife stated this in a statement by her media aide, Chima Osuji.

She alleged that the EFCC presented four unknown persons, who were not authorised by the companies’ boards to plead guilty on behalf of the companies.

She said it was a ploy by the EFCC to ensure that her hard-earn money was confiscated.

The ex-President’s wife argued that the EFCC failed to comply with Section 477 (2) of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015, by not presenting to the court any letter to show that the four persons were authorised by the companies to represent them.

“This is a clear evidence of the desperation of the prosecution to pull down the former First Lady and confiscate her hard-earned money.” The ex-President’s wife’s aide, Osuji, said.

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